Kisses & Broken Hearts: What Does It Take For Lasting Love? (New Study)

Alfred-Eisenstaedt's-iconic-image-of-a-kissing-couple-in-Times-Square-on-V-J-Day-1945.jpgDo any of us often realize what it takes to find lasting love?

Sure, we can complain about all the “Wrong Ones” we have to get through… But it looks like now there’s some type of average of what it takes to find “the one”. And for women, it’s kissing 22 men, having four long-term relationships and having their heart broken five times, according to a new study covered by the Daily Mail

A couple of more lady related stats:

  • A woman will also six bad dates, have six
    one-night stands, be cheated on four times and meet at least one partner
  • The typical woman will also have been whisked away on
    holiday or a city break with three different men and had three
    long-distance relationships.

Men, fear not. There’s something for you, too: the average man is
likely to kiss 23 girls, have ten one night stands and their be left
heartbroken by six women. (Those numbers seem a little higher to me in Chicago, but I won’t go there…)

That said, it’s even more clear that the journey for love is a rough and long one! But, I’d say it makes sense to me.

What do you think?

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