Dear Chicago: Thanks For The Dating Potential


Dear Chicago:

I see we’re entering another Spring season and while you don’t seem to believe in Spring too much, you’ve given this New York-turned-Chicago gal hope that there is potential within these city limits.

I saw some of that come out to play last Friday at the Today’s Chicago Woman Top Singles party. True, I was something of a skeptic about what Chicago had to offer based on my last few gambles with dating… But, I realized that all that really needs to happen is putting together a classy party, with eligible, smart, talented people and the rest takes care of itself! And, knowing a couple of singles on the list, I knew they had every right to be there…

Soon, the drinks were flowing, the singles were mingling, everyone in their classy clothes… And I thought to myself that this is when Chicago is hottest — when people are ready to come out and play!

So, as long as you continue to bring out sexy, viable options like those (guests and winners alike)… Then I won’t give up hope that maybe there is some real potential! Or at least a heck of a lot of arm candy I haven’t tapped into.

Either way, this spring and summer should be fun. 🙂 Don’t you think?

Until next year…

The RD

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