Some Notes on Public Displays of Affection (Or, PDA)

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When we’re really into someone, it’s so easy to forget yourself and the world around you. You’re suddenly reminded of all the reasons why you like someone and a handhold can become a kiss, a touch, a stroke… 

Yes, sometimes it’s easy to get so carried away that this physical display gets a little messy and out of hand… Possibly offending the people around you. (Like many, I know I’ve learned this lesson.)
That said, it blew my mind that some people could forget this while on a recent trip to Los Angeles, where I hung out with my friend Melissa and her husband Jeffrey. They’re a super cute couple and took me along for an outing to a Tiki-themed bar (yes, you read correctly). And, while we overall had a good time, we did run into a cramp in our fun when we spotted a couple in a corner booth who were taking their public display of affection (PDA) to a whole new level when the girl straddled her companion to kiss him in a way that should probably have been reserved for the bedroom… Or a late night Cinemax special.
Anyway, I was floored. And as Melissa, Jeffrey and I were in amazement at their overly dramatic display of affection, I realized that while I dig the sweet kiss, hand-holding or hug when I’m out with my special someone, an overly heated physical display… Well that’s not quite so sweet or hot.
So with that said, I couldn’t resist pulling together a couple of teeny reminders of what to remember when it comes to engaging in PDA…

      • Treat it as tough Your Parents Could Come Out Of Nowhere: Now this is interesting, but here’s a very, very old story: I had my first boyfriend at twelve or thirteen and he was the “coolest boy” in his grade. He was older and I felt cooler by association. So, when he kissed me and gave me my first kiss, I was amazed! However, getting so carried away, it didn’t dawn on me that my big, scary older brother would witness such a thing — which he did. Later, he gave me a lecture I’d never heard my rule-breaking big brother give me. Since then, I even have to check on occasion to see if he’ll pop out of the woodwork. Not a good feeling, but you get where I’m going.
      • Think about it like a Baseball Game: It’s super easy to be excited by someone. And, when things are new, how could you not want to be as close as you can to them? That said, think about it like a baseball game: you get excited with each base your runner makes it to, another step closer to the score. Similarly, watching a homer at the end of a grueling game is pretty awesome. Do you really need to rush the experience of getting the win?
Now that all that’s been said, let’s remember that not all PDA is bad. But, that said — barring holiday festivities or random out-of-nowhere moments — wouldn’t some things be better when you have a chance to really bask in that special someone’s company away from prying eyes?

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