Single Or Not, Just Love LOVE On Valentine's Day (A Manifesto To Cupid, Part II)


Like many, many, many single hearts, I found myself getting REALLY fixated on Valentine’s Day for no other reason other than the fact that… Well, it gets really easy to think there’s something wrong with being single.

And, while I sort out a lot of questions in my romantic life, I realize that through it all some things are quite OK being what they are. And that as long as I remember and stay true to me, getting caught up on what I don’t have won’t be so hard.

That’s when I’ve decided, in follow up to a post I wrote last year, I would just let myself be in love with love itself, and embrace it all year round. Not just the one day…

So with that I update my manifesto for singles to include coupled hearts everywhere, reminding them that believing in love is the most important thing…

A Single Heart’s Manifesto to Cupid, Part II

I, being of sound Mind & Heart do declare that:

  • Love really is a pretty awesome thing
  • That to find love, enjoying life at this moment is a must
  • That I am committed to finding the joy in all the other elements of my life to find “The One”
  • That I believe and keep hope since that’s a gateway to love
  • That I see the positive and NOT fixate on the negatives
  • That I trust my gut to where it will take me and who it leads me to
  • That I remember that love is really an awesome, precious gift not to be taken lightly
  • That I realize that relationships are not a chore
  • That I remember that if I’m not happy, how can anyone else be happy with me?
  • That I DO rock and someone is SO worthy of me
  • That I ALWAYS have a choice

Until next Valentine’s Day, Cupid…

The RD


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  • Great post!

    It is so important for us to love and appreciate who we are, and to be OK with that. We don't have to be in a relationship to do that, and I am glad you highlighted that. Nice read and declaration.


  • I love this post! It

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