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Love In the Digital Age: A Look at HBO's "When Strangers Click"

Love In the Digital Age: A Look at HBO's "When Strangers Click"
Admittedly, while I’ve tapped into it once or twice, I’ve never been that big a fan of online dating. For me, there’s something about meeting someone by accident or when you least expect it that seems organic, natural and easy. And, while I rely heavily on the internet, I do it more for communication than... Read more »

Some Notes on Public Displays of Affection (Or, PDA)

When we’re really into someone, it’s so easy to forget yourself and the world around you. You’re suddenly reminded of all the reasons why you like someone and a handhold can become a kiss, a touch, a stroke…  Yes, sometimes it’s easy to get so carried away that this physical display gets a little messy... Read more »

Single Or Not, Just Love LOVE On Valentine's Day (A Manifesto To Cupid, Part II)

Like many, many, many single hearts, I found myself getting REALLY fixated on Valentine’s Day for no other reason other than the fact that… Well, it gets really easy to think there’s something wrong with being single. And, while I sort out a lot of questions in my romantic life, I realize that through it... Read more »

Relationship Lessons: Invest A Little For The Pay-Off

There’s a strange thing about having male friends — you either know you can never be with them, secretly carry a torch for them or end up being like the best friend who has to talk them through all their crazy drama. Admittedly, I’ve experienced all three, in the craziest ways. And lately, I’ve found... Read more »