Spying On Your Spouse? The Dangers Of New Technology

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So it’s been a while! But I’ve been on the road working on various projects, and will soon slow back down to share some relevant stories with you… Not just romantic ones. But other ones that have recently found themselves back into my life. In the meantime, though…

Sure — one of the things it’s natural to worry about in a relationship is whether someone is keeping their thoughts to themselves. Are they straying?

And, while there may be ways to tell, or you may suspect, one of the things it comes down to is trust: Do you trust them?

That’s why I flipped when I caught wind of a press release about a new technology that would allow many more mates with the chance to really track their spouses at all costs…

In a nutshell: the company, Retina Software announced its new product, SpouseSpy, a software & service that’s installed in a cell phone and runs in the background of the device. The purchaser then has the power to see text messages and calls made from the tracked device.

The release even quoted a guy who uses the product, suspecting his wife of cheating after she did it once a few years ago, justifying his actions by saying that he couldn’t stand the hurt and knows she’s straying so he needs the proof for court.

Now, I think it’s safe to say that cheating is never OK. I mean, why BE with someone if you’re going to cheat, anyway? But, that said, a certain level of trust is necessary if you’re going to make it, I would say. And if you can’t trust them, then should you be with them?

It’s amazing that this kind of software is floating out there. And, if you catch someone cheating on you, then you have the right to go postal. But, that said, the availability of this type of technology seems to throw trust out the window — a big no-no if you’re committed to someone.

What do you think? Is it OK to spy like that? In what instances IS it OK? And would YOU invest in software like this, ever?

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