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Keep An Open Mind For A Little Lovin' in 2011

Christmas may be the time for all the warm and fuzzies… But New Year’s Eve? Now that’s a time of a little debauchery, saying good-bye to the year that has passed, and hopefully ringing in a new year where you can start off again — in-style. I’ll admit that while I love Christmas myself, it’s... Read more »

Dear Dad: All I Want For Christmas Is...

Dear Dad: All I Want For Christmas Is...
For being the one who likes to examine and tackle all things relationship (and has delved into love, sex, romance, break-ups and friendships), I’ve been pretty skittish in tackling family relationships, mainly because that kind of dynamic is one that even goes over my head and throws my analytical skills out of whack. It’s especially... Read more »

Spying On Your Spouse? The Dangers Of New Technology

Quick Note: So it’s been a while! But I’ve been on the road working on various projects, and will soon slow back down to share some relevant stories with you… Not just romantic ones. But other ones that have recently found themselves back into my life. In the meantime, though… Sure — one of the... Read more »

Holiday Love Reflections: Don't Let The Past Dictate The Future

Now that we’re approaching the end of another year, it’s easy to start making checklists of what you can do differently in the hopes things will be better than they were before (hence, the idea of resolution-making). But, if you’re like most people, resolutions, while easy to make, are hard to stick to, mainly because... Read more »