Keep An Open Mind For A Little Lovin' in 2011

Exhausted couple sitting in messy living room after New Year's Eve party

Christmas may be the time for all the warm and fuzzies… But New Year’s Eve? Now that’s a time of a little debauchery, saying good-bye to the year that has passed, and hopefully ringing in a new year where you can start off again — in-style.

I’ll admit that while I love Christmas myself, it’s New Year’s that sends me all in a tizzy. And it’s been a thing as I’ve entered the adult years, fussing over what I wear, where I go, who I celebrate the New Year with, whether this will be the year that I let my crush know how much I’m into him and of course who I do or don’t share a bit of magic with at the stroke of midnight. Then you celebrate and POOF — it’s all over. And then you do it all over again, wishing for a do-over of the year somewhere by September…

But I digress.

Anyway, we’re back at this time of the year and it’s easy to repeat the cycle. But, with everything that’s gone on, there are a few mistakes I’m aiming to avoid as I think of my love life in 2011. They may be common sense, but you’d be surprised at how easy they are to repeat…

  • Not Starting From Scratch Each Time: This is a big one for me and one that I find myself doing a lot. Since the past went one way, it’s easy to assume that following situations may also bring a little heartache. But, by doing that, I’ve found that I put myself in my own way. So starting from the beginning each time may go far!
  • Afraid Taking Any Risks: Like many people, I shudder at the thought of rejection — which means I didn’t do much by way of risk-taking. So, if the feeling is strong, there’s not much to lose by just going for it and seeing where the wind blows, huh? (Now this one is easier said than done…)
  • More Happy, More Joy: I’m working on keeping a dose of optimism each time. Positive energy brings good things, it seems. Besides, sometimes you have to want to be with someone. And while I have
    straddled the fence, it seems that I, in my 20-something
    phase of life, have become a little more disillusioned than
    some. For example, more than 30 percent of those surveyed 50 and up are looking
    to find companions, according to (a 50+ dating site by the folks). Now if they can
    be more optimistic in a more seasoned phase of life, I’m sure I can muster up a bit of enthusiasm.
  • Not Keeping An Open Mind: Truth is, if you’re genuinely open to it, love may find you in the strangest ways. I remember that the first time I fell in love, I’d been on my way home from work when a guy I’d seen on my bus route a few times sat down next to me. I’d had a chip on my shoulder from a previous break-up and almost stood him up on our scheduled date! But I didn’t and to this day, our year-and-change-long relationship is still one of the best love memories I have.
  • Having Fun: While I have my moments when I imagine couplehood is nice, the truth is that right now, I have things pretty good in my life. Not perfect, but definitely not shabby either. And, by embracing these moments as I have them will make me feel that much better — and that much more unstoppable. So I should celebrate my single while I have it!

All in all, I’d say that with the crazy ride this year has been, I only wonder what 2011 will bring…

This should be interesting.

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