How You Flirt Tied To Relationship Success? Apparently!

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Have you ever thought about HOW you flirt? Sure, trying to get someone’s attention is one, natural thing to do… But actually doing it? That is, the matter and style in which you do it? That’s another one, entirely.

Ladies & Gents, take note: how you flirt makes a heck of a difference as to what you end up with in the relationship game…
According to researchers at the University of Kansas (have to admit, not one I would have imagined to be the source of this information, but who knew), two key things were revealed when it comes to flirting:

  • There are FIVE Different Types of Flirting: Physical, Traditional, Polite, Sincere and Playful, And to help you out, descriptions are below, based on the WebMD article:
  1. Physical flirting involves communicating sexual interest to a
    potential partner. This form of flirting typically led to the
    development of relationships more quickly and had greater chemistry and
    emotional connection.
  2. Traditional flirting involved allowing men to take the lead
    while women maintained a more passive role. People who flirted in the
    traditional way were typically more introverted. Men who flirted in a
    traditional way often knew their potential partner for some time.
  3. Polite flirting was based on the use of proper manners and a
    more cautious way of communicating interest.
  4. Sincere flirting involved communicating sincere interest and a
    desire to establish strong emotional connections. Women scored higher
    in this style, although men used this style, too.
  5. Playful flirting was the style least likely to result in
    meaningful relationships. People who engaged in playful flirting often
    enjoyed it as a way to boost their own self-esteem.
  • And, this leads me to the second piece of information: the way you flirt can impact the type of relationship you end up in. 

According to the article, physical, sincere and playful have better success… And, physical and sincere were more likely to lead to deeper relationships.

Definitely food for thought here and personally quite happy to see this research. By having more info on styles of flirting, then maybe it’ll help guide my dating approach… And whether someone is a fling or meant for the long haul.

Now, I gotta think more about what style I WANT to put out there… What style do you have?

To read the full article, visit WebMD

Happy Flirting,
The RD

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