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In Dating, Credentials Shouldn't Overshadow the Red Flags

When I first moved to Chicago and started dating as a “grown up,” I was admittedly looking for a “total package” guy. And yes, I’ll admit included what I thought were desirable traits would largely be ones that look good on paper and were based on what many people can find on a resume: schools,... Read more »

Flirting Lessons & Fun at the One Night Only Concert Series

Alright, I’ll admit it: while I’m totally open to dating all types of guys and attending all sorts of bars and social scenes in Chicago, I, like many people just like what I like. For example, as an original New York native, I love watching baseball at a NY-friendly bar, so Gaslight in Lincoln Park... Read more »

He Says #002: Dating Insights Guys Wish You Knew

If you’ve been following the RD, you’ll notice that on Fridays, I’ve been posting random tidbits from women and men on what they wish dating prospects knew before asking them out (“She Says” or “He Says”) While many of them are pretty open and shut, I figured these helpful reminders are cool, especially before hitting the weekend... Read more »

In Dating, Don't Ignore the Privacy Clause

Throughout all my dating experiences, there’s one personal rule I can say I’ve tried to obey: respecting privacy & mystery. And this includes all sorts of things: asking too much more about the past than I can handle, reading personal papers and definitely checking cell phones. All forms of privacy are ones I’ve tried to respect, not because I’m not dying... Read more »

Dear Chicago: You're a Special Kind of Sexy (An Open Letter)

NOTE: After a trip to Miami, I decided to write a letter to let this city know that despite it all, I appreciate it — including its roller coaster dating scene. Dear Chicago, I’ve been away from you for a while, having a secret affair — with the ever popular city of Miami. Sure, it... Read more »

Sacrificing Friendship For a Fling? Not So Cool...

One of the things I love about the girls that I keep close is that despite it all, they’re loyal to the end. Sure we may clash, drive each other crazy at times… But they’re loyal, I can count on them, and when it comes to guys, we have it out so there’s no issue... Read more »

Dating Reality Check: A strong man can say he's sorry...

I’m going to go ahead and admit a broad generalization I once held when I started dating: like many ladies, I believed that men were too macho or stubborn to apologize when they’ve screwed up or did someone wrong. And, with situations like Casanova’s or Jason’s — times where I shouldn’t have tolerated most of... Read more »

The RD's Absence Note

Dear YOU, So where have I been, you ask? Did I abandon this? Am I done?! HARDLY! And there is NO way I could forget about this! But, I’ve just juggling a bit of illness, traveling, working… And going through so many more experiences that will soon grace the pages of The Relationship Diva, that’s... Read more »