He Says #002: Dating Insights Guys Wish You Knew

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If you’ve been following the RD, you’ll notice that on Fridays, I’ve been posting random tidbits from women and men on what they wish dating prospects knew before asking them out (“She Says” or “He Says”) While many of them are pretty open and shut, I figured these helpful reminders are cool, especially before hitting the weekend dating scene or just staying up on basic intel we all should have, really. (And if you want to brush up, check out the entire archive here)

In any case, I’m using some of the experiences Vincent’s been having with his interest ex since breaking up with her… Ladies, this is one we should take to heart, because I’ve come across too many stories of this situation…

(To get this week’s tidbit, take a peek, after the jump…)

Play it Cool: You know movies like Basic Instinct or Disclosure? Stories of trippy women in dramatic romantic or sexual situations with the men they drive crazy? Yeah, not such a sexy look. Sure, Demi Moore and Sharon Stone are gorgeous women. But we’re talking real life. And a clingy or woman who may get super attached doesn’t fly all that well with a guy. Sure, some may like to approach you and many may love it when you approach them. However, either way, playing it cool has the sexiest look of all, so it seems.

The RD says: This one is interesting because there’s a fine line here. But, I try to think of it like this: decide what wouldn’t drive me nuts then cut it in half. So, if, say, 5 text messages in a week was too much, I’d slice that down into 2 or 3. (For some reason, less is more!) Keeping it casual before things get intense may be the best way to go.

That’s it for this week. Go out and get your game on! Sweetest Day will soon be here… 🙂

As always… Got any dating insights you wish potential dating prospects knew? Feel free to e-mail it to shesays [at] therelationshipdiva.com for inclusion in the next round!

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