Flirting Lessons & Fun at the One Night Only Concert Series


Alright, I’ll admit it: while I’m totally open to dating all types of guys and attending all sorts of bars and social scenes in Chicago, I, like many people just like what I like. For example, as an original New York native, I love watching baseball at a NY-friendly bar, so Gaslight in Lincoln Park does it for me. Or, for overall sports and boy-watching, I go to The Fifty/50 in Wicker Park… And if I want to dance, depending on the music, I’ll hit up spots with a healthy music mix or fun club type scenes.

That said, I was curious when I got an invite to head out to the AXE One Night Only Concert Series at Metro this week. Not only did I get to open my mind to a new sound and love the concert’s vibe, I came up with some fun handy advice for you guys, which will serve as this week’s “She Says,” too…

Dragging Marisol along as my “plus one,” I went to the concert, not sure what to expect. But, with an open bar and a band with a great sound, it was actually a blast for a Tuesday night. And, what a turn out with the guys! Definitely guy focused indeed, but I also discovered that I liked their sound, too.

During the night, I came across a guy, Evan. Good looking, but clearly drunk, he approached Marisol and myself in the middle of the standing room only concert. Marisol didn’t even bother with giving him the time of day, but I was intrigued, so I poked a bit to see what would happen. (For research’s sake).

The encounter was a mess all around. And while I won’t belabor you with every bullet point of the flirting encounter filled with fumbles, I will tell you the three fatal mistakes that happened during the night and reasons for which his attempts ultimately failed to make a good impression (Guys, please take note):

  • Ignored the friend: Tsk, tsk, tsk. Evan, in an effort to “attempt” to work on me, was too dismissive of Marisol, even shrugging her off at some point. Drunk, maybe, but ignoring the friend isn’t the way to go. (See She Says #003 for refresher)
  • Get too pushy: Also a HUGE no-no. Some flirting, sure, nice. Aggressive? Not so hot. Having some libations does not give you the right to be Octo-Man. Remember that boys or the aggressive girl will knee you where the sun doesn’t shine. (First She Says touches on this…)
  • Running Off TOO MUCH Liquid Courage: Having drinks and being social is fine and natural. But, too much of this in your system can be a huge hit or miss. So, if you can’t be smooth, or alcohol makes you a bit sloppy and not as sexy, then pace is key — especially if you’re looking to land a lady’s digits.

But, that said, I had a blast. And, I got one major lesson when it comes to the dating game and options in Chicago: (Guys & Gals, take note)

  • You never know WHERE you can have a good time. While I may like the places I go to, I realize that there is a great chance to open my horizons. Who knows?

That said, enjoy your weekends and consider opening up your options! You never do know…

** NOTE: Special thanks to reps of AXE for the invite to the concert.**

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