Dear Chicago: You're a Special Kind of Sexy (An Open Letter)

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NOTE: After a trip to Miami, I decided to write a letter to let this city know that despite it all, I appreciate it — including its roller coaster dating scene.

Dear Chicago,

I’ve been away from you for a while, having a secret affair — with the ever popular city of Miami. Sure, it was just going to be a work-related relationship, a couple a quick visits then back into your arms. But, on my first trip I had a taste, met one cute hottie and suddenly I was intoxicated with the idea of spending more time there…

Three weeks later, I was back in the fold of the ever exotic Miami and deep down, the sight of palm trees, sunshine, good looking guys and intoxicating weather swept me away. I was convinced its nightlife and dating would be sexy and glamorous…

A few nights out into my week long stay and I can honestly say I
was blown away — by how much I missed you. Sure, it oozed sex, fast
cars, flavorful clubs and polished men (some of whom looked like they
were extras on “Jersey Shore”)… 

But at the end of the
day, I thought about the laid back, chill feeling of you, Chicago, and
your guys. Sure, my dating experiences and relationships have been all
over the map. But, whose hasn’t?
Besides, Chicago, you DO have your own selection of cuties, oily dudes and sexy pieces of work I’ve met along the way… (A couple of whom have filled the pages of The RD)

And that makes you your own brand of sexy. Not exotic. But just quiet, understated.

can say that I’ve learned lots, though. Like the fact that I can
tolerate Miller Lite, that “Don’t Stop Believin'” never gets old, and you have your own hidden bar gems… And deep down, I haven’t quite given up on
the idea that you do offer selection.

But all I ask is that you don’t keep me waiting TOO much longer either. Because then we may have to talk relocation.

In the meantime, I’m still here, where I will continue to appreciate you as long as you keep me entertained.


The RD

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