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In a case of boy meets girl, attraction matters

On a night out, it’s not far-fetched to say that when a woman finds a guy she’s physically attracted to, she’s more than likely doing everything she can to make sure he knows she is into him. Have it be a smile or getting touchy feely, it’s a matter of making sure he knows what’s... Read more »

She Says #004: Even more dating tidbits ladies wish men knew

In the early stages of dating (or even just meeting someone on a random night out), remembering a couple of little things can make the difference between a second date and a slap in the face. Not hard things to remember, mind you. But still useful little tidbits nonetheless.That’s what I’ve been calling “She Says”—... Read more »

Using sex to get ahead? For many, it's not out of the question

The former girlfriend of Hugh Hefner had her video distributed through Vivid Entertainment earlier this year
So by now I think we can all agree that this whole Montana Fishburne Sex Tape Ordeal is ancient news (heck, it may have been considered old ten minutes after the news hit). And, while I find the whole thing unoriginal after gals like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton had their moments of “fame” thanks... Read more »

In love, flames simmer, but sparks don't always die

In the time I’ve been immersed in the single scene during my adult life, I’ve learned a few random lessons, like: how a hot outfit does wonders for your confidence on a Friday night; or how it’s still possible to have a high school type crush as an adult; or, how the ever dreaded beer... Read more »

Niche dating sites target the beautiful AND the ugly

Here’s one indisputable fact: Dating can be a tough game. It’s about find someone that works for you in as many ways as possible: someone that shares a lot of your interests, can have fun with — and of course, someone that you’re physically attracted to. What’s more is that there isn’t always a clear... Read more »

You can't push a lover to come to your rescue

In the early phases of a new relationship, it’s natural to ride the “honeymoon wave”: spending tons of time together, acting lovey-dovey, constant dates, make-out sessions… It’s all sexy, a rush and a thrill. It’s hard to think that things will ever change. But soon, you see someone’s true colors come to light: the idiosyncracies,... Read more »

She Says #003: Even more about what ladies wish men knew

Being Friday, it’s time for another installment of “She Says,” bits of insights that I share each week about what ladies wish the guys knew in the dating scene. Usually, it’s how you start things off that determine whether you get the second date, after all. So, I thought I’d pass along little jewels each... Read more »

There really ARE benefits to monogamous sex

Although I am an active in the single and dating scene (and appreciate the value of having casual sex), I always value one thing about being in a committed relationship: knowing there was someone that I could be intimate with on a regular basis. That was one of the best things about my relationship with... Read more »

Guys: When you ask for a date, the direct approach may make a better impression

One of the things that amuses me about guys is the way that they vary in the way they approach women, especially in Chicago’s single scene. I’ve been asked out all sorts of ways, which shows me a lot about a guy. And, the way he asks will determine whether I accept — of course,... Read more »

Dating site for virgins? In dating and love, it's not all about sex

In this day and age, living in sexually liberal society, it’s hard to imagine that very many people don’t have some type of experience with sex. However, according to poll reported on ABC, it looks like three percent of the population can claim their “V” cards. It may not sound like a lot, but it’s... Read more »