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She Says: Dating insights ladies wish men knew

  Every time we start seeing someone new, we’re bound to quickly learn about what we do and don’t like about them. And it’s natural for us to keep mental notes of these things, to decide if the person really is a good fit for us — or at least have a chance to make... Read more »

Chelsea Clinton "can do better"? In love & dating, everyone's got an opinion

Let’s face it: at some point many of us have looked at a couple and tried to decide how they ended up together. Or, we’ve assessed how compatible — at the very least on a physical level — we think they are, making sidebar commentary such as: Oh they’re so cute… How did HE get... Read more »

When doing the dating thing, give your intuition a chance

How often have you just had the wrong feeling about someone you’re into? You know what it is I’m talking about: a vibe, hunch or other random signs that you should be worried or run for the hills. Now, think about how many times you’ve put them aside in the hopes that you’re overthinking things... Read more »

Literally being addicted to love? Apparently so

There’s no doubt that love has its upsides — as long as you have real expectations, of course. But, love as addictive as a drug? It seems that way. I’m not referring to feelings or highs, although it’s been talked about and sung about since the beginning of time. Nope, it looks like some brainy... Read more »

TLC's "Strange Sex" series profiles quirky sexual behaviors and attraction

When we think about sex, it’s not often too off the wall: some fantasies, maybe being with that special one (or two special someones, depending on what turns you on), different positions that can take you to whole new euphoric levels are just some examples. Essentially, we think not only about the act, but also... Read more »

The Happily-Ever-After Effect: How romantic comedies can affect you

What do movies like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Pretty Woman,” “There’s Something About Mary” and “He’s Just Not That Into You” all have in common? (Well, besides all having lovable characters and box office hits) Apparently, according to a new study picked up by MSNBC and FOX among many other sites, they can do some... Read more »

Indecent Proposal: Insights from a married man's seduction attempt

There is no doubt that most of us will meet and date some inappropriate types of people: the emotionally distant, the one still hoping to get back together with their ex, the overly clingy, the super-flaky, the work-obsessed… You get where I’m going. (Yes, the single scene is a mixed bowl, isn’t it?) Therefore, I’m... Read more »

Tasting a little "Eye Candy": Notes on one sexy Chicago hot spot

Despite any loopy dating stories I may tell, I know Chicago has got some nice Eye Candy Potential — you know, fun, sexy spots where you can soak up its decor, admire the mixed crowd, sip on a few nice cocktails, listen to great music, do a little flirting… It basically combines all the must-haves... Read more »

A friendship "with benefits": The non-engagement of Bret Michaels

Waiting longer to get married isn’t unusual these days — in fact, it’s kind of a trend (a story USA Today explored back in June). Think Prince William and Kate Middleton… I mean, heck, even Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins held off on the nuptials so as not to wreck a perfectly good thing in... Read more »

A mixed take on the online dating thing

These days, there is no doubt that online dating is pretty darn popular. Sites like, eHarmony, OkCupid and others boast millions of members, all searching for potential love or even prospects for dating. And, because Internet is king, using it seems like a useful and practical way to find a date. That’s why when... Read more »