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New playmates in old boyfriends

During my teen years, I had this overly romanticized notion of what it would be like to start dating as an adult: going out each weekend, enjoying lavish drinks and dinners, indulging in an extended courting process before taking things to the next level… Then once you were in a relationship, it only got better... Read more »

Lessons from dating the ones that don't fit

When it comes to the dating game, it may be a pretty safe to assume that most of us have our own opinions about what we’d like them to have: looks, job, sense of humor, great style, baggage-free… Yes, a laundry list of “qualities” that when pulled together will make up what we believe is... Read more »

The Hooking Up Thing: A bartender's take on the games we play

When it comes to being on the prowl, we all know the game: you head over to a trendy bar with your friends, spot your target and prepare to pounce if you’re going to get them to notice you by the end of the night. If you’re a guy, you probably get your boys to... Read more »

A no-no in relationships? A baby with an ex, of course

There is no doubt that women can run entire households, companies and even countries. In fact, with the way women are kicking ass and taking names, I’m especially proud to be one. However, I’ve always felt (and call me a bit old school here) that when it came time to actually having a child, it... Read more »

The Relationship Diva is on ChicagoNow!

Being new to the ChicagoNow community, I wanted to set myself up with a brief self-introduction post! My name is Jenina and since some time in 2008, I’ve taken my experiences, thoughts, opinions and lessons learned about Chicago’s dating scene and housed them all under a blog I called The Relationship Diva. Now, I’m happy... Read more »