The Life and Times of a Young Republican is BACK from hiatus!

I greet all my dear listeners with kindness and compassion during this Holiday season!

I’m here to announce that The Life and Times of a Young Republican, a blog by Steven Krage, is back from hiatus! My last post was sometime last year and today, after reexamining some priorities, I have decided to return to my beloved blogging past!

Continue to watch my blog site for updates on news stories, movie reviews, political commentary or any other item that suits my fancy!

My passion is writing and, also, my passion is sharing my gift with others. I blog because I care about this country and I care about the issues. In this blog I will NOT be afraid to tell the truth, no matter what anyone may say to the contrary. I have revised some of my opinions on key issues, so I welcome you to follow this blog and be prepared to check your preconceived notions at the door!

I’d love to hear from you anytime, day or night, so here is my contact information if you want to send a note, no matter what the topic may be! I love hearing from my fans.

Choose the Impossible!

Steven Krage

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