A Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Carol!

A Martha Stewart Thanksgiving Carol!

Watching Martha Stewart today, I was suddenly inspired to write a Thanksgiving Carol about her! There are very few poems, songs, etc… about Thanksgiving, so I decided to write one about the Patron Saint of Thanksgiving, Martha Stewart! Martha is truly the Santa of Thanksgiving! (Rhyme Scheme is a bit odd, but I wanted to finish it quickly, so I’d have time to eat!)

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours! I am supremely thankful for each and everyone one of you in my life, and I hope you have a wonderful day, filled with delicious comfort food, good conversation, and of course a little bit of music! I am most thankful for my family, my friends and the talents and hobbies that God gave me. Don’t forgot to thank God for all that you’re thankful for, cause without him you wouldn’t have it! Enjoy the day!



Turkey’s resting in the oven,

Mashed  Potatoes on the stove,

Mom’s tipped back a bit of sherry,

 That’s why the cranberry sauce has clove.


The doorbell rings, who can it be?

The family’s not due til’three!

I trip over the dogs as I head to the door,

Is it that gal we’ve been waiting for?




It’s Martha! Martha!

Martha Stewart is here!

It’s Martha! Martha!

She says, “Let’s eat my dear!”


We head to the table,

She sits at the head.

She smiles and says,

“This centerpiece is certainly dead.”


She goes to the kitchen

And opens a drawer.

She takes out some ribbon,

And sets to her chore.


She heads back to the table

And puts the piece down.

A beautiful pastiche of ribbon and bow,

Made that sad little centerpiece certainly glow!


She carves the turkey with fevered glee,

She smiles and turns her head to me.

“Steven, this turkey is simply divine!”

“Martha,” I say, “It’s your recipe!”

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