Why this nerdy Male LOVES Desperate Housewives!

Why this nerdy Male LOVES Desperate Housewives!

Simple words follow:

It may seem odd that a man is obsessed with Desperate Housewives.

IS it odd?

Most people seem to not even want to talk about Desperate Housewives. It’s like a guilty pleasure we all seem to have, but never dare speak of.

I have loved it for years. I believe the first time I saw it was a few years after it started.

I was home sick one day, and the reruns were playing on Lifetime. There was nothing on, so I obliged my curiosity and decided to watch it.

I sat there for two straight hours, enthralled by the bitchy exploits I was witnessing. I had never seen anything quite like it on TV!

The plot was well-written, the cast worked well as a whole and everything just seemed to fit perfectly into what I want a TV show to be!

The housewife I always connected with most was Bree, because we’re both conservative and we stand up for good, honest values.

For those of you that don’t know, this season, starting September 25th on ABC, is the end. While that saddens me, I’m glad it’s going to be over.

I want the girls to retire now, rather than when they’re an old and tired semi-sitcom waiting to be killed.

What else can I say? Desperate Housewives is AMAZING and I love it!

Little male me loves watching bitchy females. It’s in my DNA.

Does that say something about me?


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