Rant on the Over-Presence of Friends in One's Life

Rant on the Over-Presence of Friends in One's Life

We have seen grades plummet in America because of it.

We have seen teens driven to suicide because of it.

We have seen the youth of America distracted and distended by it.

I am, of course, speaking of the over-presence of friends in the life of preteens and teens.

What does that phrase entail, you may ask?

Well, it includes: Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, cell phones and texting, the Internet, Email and many more things that currently slip my mind.

I have seen, firsthand, as these seemingly petty annoyances tear apart the very fabric of a young psyche.

Younger people herald these advances in technology as necessary, but I say not.

My theory is that they are destroying any semblance of sanity that younger kids and teens NEED to survive.

How can one concentrate when these annoyances are constantly buzzing in our ears?

I can’t go five minutes without someone either texting me, calling me, messaging me on Facebook or emailing me!

Sometimes I get so fed up that I just turn them all off, which is the next part: the solution.

I believe one should have the gall to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and just turn off these things if we have something important to do.

Turning them all off at the same time will allow us to have clear minds and the pettiness of life will fade away, as we relaxing and tackle the task at hand.

If we don’t address this soon, who knows what’ll happen!

Teens could be driven bat-crazy by these things and murder half the nation.

Stranger things have happened. (Obama/Biden ’08?)

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