How to be Successful at Blogging: Lesson #2- How to Find your Muse!

How to be Successful at Blogging: Lesson #2- How to Find your Muse!

The Muses of Greek Mythology were said to inspire Gods and mortals alike, and we modern-day mortals are not different!

To write a Blog, you simply must be inspired to do so. When a Blog is inspired and original, people will follow it religiously and become a fan of your passionate writing.

This article will tell you how to find a “Muse” that either already is a part of your life or finding a “Muse” among the blessing of riches we have nowadays.

It does not have to be a difficult experience. In fact, it should be a fun one! Examining your life and finding what you love should be a rich and rewarding experience, both figuratively and literally!

This is, possibly, the ultimate first step into starting a career as a Blogger and also the first step toward finding your true self, one that is uninhibited, interesting and successful beyond belief.


When I started my career as a Blogger (which in essence was not that long ago, a little over a year and a half ago, when I was eighteen), I was blessed to find a strong, independent women who formed my identity as a Blogger and injected “Muse” inspiration into my deep-seated ambition to be a Blogger.

That woman was Kitty Kelley. For those of you who don’t know who Kitty Kelley is, she has written unauthorized biographies (“written without the subject’s cooperation or control”, according to Kelley herself) of several titans of American and British society: Jackie Kennedy-Onassis, Elizabeth Taylor, Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan, The British Royal Family, The Bush Family and Oprah Winfrey.

The first experience I ever had with Kitty Kelley was when I was walking through a Target Store in April 2010. I walked through the book aisle and I was blinded by a stark-white book with bright red letters emblazoned on the front reading, Oprah: A Biography. Suffice it to say, I bought the book instantly and proceeded to devour the 400-page book in the course of a week.

I was stunned by Kelley’s brave reporting and her fearlessness in tackling Oprah, which is a Herculean feat in itself.

I then saw that Kelley was doing a book-signing in the Chicago Suburban area where I live, and I decided to meet this brave woman in person. I sat there in the front row, clutching the very book I discovered her with, and listened to her talk about her reporting and Oprah and everything I loved about the book. I waited in line to meet her, and when it came my turn to get my book signed, I told her what a big fan I was of hers and how much I admired her, and expended on her the fact that her biography of Oprah was a once-in-a-lifetime experience and that it was a simply perfect piece of reporting. She then told me that my statements were “the best publicity this book has had so far.” I beamed, both inside and outside.

Kitty Kelley, when I decided to start to write a Blog, inspired the entirety of my first successful Blog venture, called The Poison Pen. The title came from an unauthorized biography of Kitty Kelley, written by a bitter man named George Carpozi, Jr. But, the title seemed fitting for my new Blog, which featured gossip not only about Celebrities (as Kitty Kelley had written) but also, brazenly and bravely, about my own friends and social circle. (I, being an honest journalist, never used their names. I felt just disclosing the facts was brazen and bold enough.)

But, It was Kitty Kelley who inspired me to be fearless in my writing. When I started reading more and more of her biographies, including a rare little-known paperback book she wrote about Fat Farms around the world, which she glamorized as The Glamour Spas. I was taken aback by her ability to inject her personality, while at the same time meticulously researching every sentence she wrote.

She dared to be fearless and not bend to a celebrities whim. When she wrote Frank Sinatra’s unauthorized biography, His Way, Ol’ Blue Eyes himself tried to sue Kitty Kelley and stop her from even writing one word. Several American Writers Guilds stepped in and defended Kelley’s right to write a fair and honest biography of Sinatra, and he eventually dropped the frivolous suit. Kelley included the story as the foreword for her book. How much more brazen can you get?

I had never really written for fun before, just for school, so when I first started to write my Blog, it was a little bit uncertain. Would I offend too many people? Will people even read my Blog? Am I just sending these words out into some void and no one will ever see them? Doubt, sadly, was creeping into my mind. But, since I had a “Muse” in Kitty Kelley, I was able to silence those doubts and believe in the, as I call it, “Self”, the inner drive in all of us that pushes us to succeed and achieve greatness. Only when we silence doubt in our minds can we let our true “Self” shine.

It was really a fluke that I found my “Muse””, but it doesn’t have to be for you.

Look at your life. What do you love? What do you desire most in life? What does your true “Self” strive to do? Your “Muse” is sometimes right in front of you, in the form of the things you love to do!

What did Julia Child do when her life was in a rut? She turned to what she loved in life- cooking! She never knew that this little hobby would soon turn into the most successful cookbook in the world and catapult her into stardom! The same can happen to you.

A housewife can find a “Muse” to help her write: her children, her favorite television shows, the stresses of maintaining a household.
A businessman can find a “Muse”: his work, his family, the eternal need for survival in a dog-eat-dog society that demands success.

Even I, a confused High School student, found his “Muse”, and that “Muse” has influenced my entire body of work and Blogging since then!
My “Muse” Kitty Kelley inspired me to be fearless, ruthless in obtaining information and always making sure my information was well-researched and interesting.

You have to look deep into your life, and your “Self”, to find your “Muse.” Look at your life as a whole and write down the main things that make up your true “Self”, and things that have influenced your life.

You will soon find that your “Muse” will appear, like the sun behind the clouds, and inspire you to write and write and write until your entire life shines from the pages you have chosen to grace with your “Muse”, and your true “Self” will smile from them.

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