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RePurpose With Color - Behind The Scenes with an HGTV Star

RePurpose With Color - Behind The Scenes with an HGTV Star
In a warehouse not so distant from the manicured sidewalks of the downtown premium furniture retailers, where price-tags shock and lead times can make us shudder – there is a place where one expert re-cycles, re-uses and re-invents with one sole purpose – to re-purpose! Cari Cucksey of HGTV’s hit show, Cash & Cari takes... Read more »

Antonio Cabrera - Of Grandiose Proportions - Christmas at the White House

Antonio Cabrera - Of Grandiose Proportions - Christmas at the White House
Every year, millions watch in anticipation while miles of twinkling lights are purposely hung, tons of scented garland are deliberately strung, and thousands of sparkling ornaments are strategically placed as the White House is magically transformed for the Christmas holiday. And, it is none other than Antonio Cabrera, official designer for the White House, who... Read more »

DESIGN SECRETS FROM THE PROS - In A Reimagined Space, There Is An Easy Solution To Almost Any Problem

Design Secrets from the Pros In a reimagined space, there is an easy solution to almost any problem. Small Space Many people make the mistake of thinking that smaller rooms require lighter paint colors to brighten them up. Actually, it’s just the opposite. As strange as it may sound, smaller spaces appear larger when painted... Read more »

CLIENT ADVOCACY: THE MEASURE OF A GREAT INTERIOR DESIGNER - Good Old-Fashioned (Action-Driven) Customer Service is a Key Asset

In today’s knowledge-based new construction and home remodeling market, many consumers are willing to pay top dollar for those interior designers who shine like diamonds in the rough. That is, those who provide the most treasured, yet unfortunately increasingly rare, asset: expert customer service. On the other hand, designers who conduct business with imperious attitudes,... Read more »

QUALITY, GOING ONCE... Your Home's Expertly Crafted Details Are Number One!

Time and time again, the authorities in the international design realm, such as Architectural Digest, lead consumers on a journey through the ethereal interiors of masterful architecture that is intertwined with timeless and cutting-edge interior design. These statement-making rooms of course include the requisite expertly coordinated fabrics, wall coverings, furnishings and accessories, but we must... Read more »

RETRO REVIVAL - The '50s (and a bit beyond) Are The New Fabulous!

A new trend in current interior design styles is bringing back “retro” to dwellings everywhere. This iconic style – nostalgic, straightforward and individualistic – is winding its way back from the fringes of time. Remember the avocado and gold paint colors from the kitchen of the popular ’50s-themed TV series Happy Days? The dark wood... Read more »

FLOOR ALL IT'S WORTH - What's Underfoot In Your Home?

In today’s era of home remodeling and new construction, how does one decide on what surfacing to choose for floors? With such an abundance of choices and diverse personal tastes, why do we prefer carpet in the Midwest and insist on tile in the South? Your geographic location may play an even greater part in... Read more »

WELCOME e-HOME - The crown jewels of communication and entertainment are being hardwired into our enviornment.

Admire or revile modern technology as you may, it is here to stay! Should you choose to enthusiastically embrace this new universal interactive age, which makes the Jetsons’ futuristic utopia look more like nonfiction than fiction, be prepared to transition your entire house from power pole to power grid as we welcome the new and... Read more »

WHAT'S THE POINT? - Integrating Interior Elements into Focal Points, not Faux Pas!

Upon entering any space, there are areas of immediate interest that the science of interior design recognizes as focal points. Focal points include anything that immediately, and often unconsciously, captures the viewer’s attention and is interesting enough to make them want to look further. Interior designers are skilled at creating focal points, assembling all elements... Read more »

INTERIOR DESIGN : THE HIDDEN TRUTH - What Risks Follow Poor Design Decisions If The Person Hired For The Job Is NOT Qualified

Their offices are laboratories where master plans are devised. Their minds are incubators of the most creative ideas imaginable. And their expert execution and delivery are the catalysts for the ultimate in any interior environment. So with all this ingenuity – which is sought out and demanded by the largest and most important companies in... Read more »