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CHICAGO'S ANNUAL RANDOLPH STREET MARKET FESTIVAL - Whether you refer to it as old, antique or vintage, there’s something for everybody!

Just as the fascinating syndicated television program Antiques Road Show has the ability to mesmerize viewers – when lucky participants discover their bric-a-brac is worth a small fortune – Chicago’s Randolph Street Market will captivate you with the prospect of finding that once-in-a-lifetime conversation piece and will have you bragging to everyone who will listen... Read more »


1. Padded Headboard A padded headboard adds additional fabric to your bed, allowing you to tie in more texture and color with your surrounding fabrics for cohesive  harmony. A wooden headboard tells a story of  heirloom quality, whereas a padded headboard says  “Hello boutique hotel sophistication!” 2. Window Treatments Bare windows can look great in... Read more »

DESIGN SECRETS FROM THE PROS - In A Reimagined Space, There Is An Easy Solution To Almost Any Problem

Design Secrets from the Pros In a reimagined space, there is an easy solution to almost any problem. Small Space Many people make the mistake of thinking that smaller rooms require lighter paint colors to brighten them up. Actually, it’s just the opposite. As strange as it may sound, smaller spaces appear larger when painted... Read more »

$1,000,000.00 - What Will It Get You in a Home Today?

If you’re in the market for a new home and you have a cool million-plus to lay down for it, your dollars will probably translate into marble countertops and Brazilian cherry floors – at the very least –  in today’s extremely competitive real estate market. From the cloud-piercing condos in the Gold Coast to the... Read more »

AN INTERIOR DESIGNER CHECKLIST - 5 Best Business Practices to Look for in a Certified Interior Designer

Professional interior designers everywhere are taking copious notes on how to gain an edge on their competition in the ever-increasing and competitive design industry. Any savvy businessperson knows that it takes more than a college degree and good design sense to guarantee client satisfaction and repeat business. Most importantly, the most successful designers comprehend the... Read more »

LOVE IT OR LEAVE IT! Decison-Making in the Confusing World of Home Products and Materials

In the United States alone, the home improvement industry is a $300 billion-dollar business that fuels demand for millions of products and materials from which the modern-day consumer can choose. With those staggering numbers, how could one even entertain the thought of making the “right” decision in home renovations or new construction projects?  How can... Read more »

PUTTIN' ON THE RITZ... HOLIDAY STYLE! Interior Designers Are Essential in Making Lasting (Postive) Impressions

From the luxury addresses and grand estates of the sprawling North Shore all the way down to the high-rise condominiums and quaint apartments of the revered Gold Coast, first impressions can be everything. For those who take entertaining for the holidays seriously, like Emmy Award-winning entrepreneur Martha Stewart, everything has to be picture perfect. Whether... Read more »

DESIGN - A WHOLE NEW WORLD Aesthetics Are the Inside Secret to Reaching Your Target Market

The professional title of designer is a very expansive category. Not only are there residential and commercial interior designers, there are multitudes of other talented and trained specialists participating in the world of design. There are architectural designers, urban designers, landscape designers, furniture designers, lighting designers, sound designers, graphic designers, web designers and automotive designers…... Read more »

Modern Traditions - Putting a Contemporary Spin on Yesterday's Time-Honored Furniture Pieces

Interior design is like fashion: it has all been done before! Clothing collections fall in and out of vogue, season after season, but they all eventually come back around – only the fabrics and details change. It’s the same with furniture: a desk is a desk! The only things that change are the wood species,... Read more »

Is Your Interior Design Style too "Home Depot Chic?"

These thermofoil style cabinet doors are no match for the insane wall color and horrible window casing. The cabinet hardware is too small and the counterop is too bold.
It is not surprising that when the American retailer of home improvement and construction products and services opened over 2000 stores across the United States since 1979, it single handedly changed the way we viewed our interiors and the world. Thirty years later after replacing everything brass with its cousin, chrome, have we gone too... Read more »