Interior Designers - What Can One Do For You? - A Practical Luxury No One Can Afford To Go Without

Interior Designers - What Can One Do For You? - A Practical Luxury No One Can Afford To Go Without

Tear down the walls, throw out the kitchen sink, and hear the rafters rattle as you tear off the roof—but not so fast! Building or remodeling a home may be the single most-expensive venture you embark on in a lifetime; so when preparing to invest your hard-earned cash, ask yourself that million dollar question: should you hire an interior designer or go it alone? Before you make a decision, let’s examine the assets of a professional interior designer—you just might discover you can’t afford to take one step forward without such an alliance.

Saving you Money
The profession of interior design is not about excessive spending. It is about creating interior spaces that motivate and inspire individuals through a series of pragmatic decisions that have the power to save you significant money.

With an uncanny knowledge of construction and remodeling, interior designers are experts at formulating working budgets to avoid overspending in the beginning “nirvana” stages of the project while preventing overdesigning based on the knowledge of a home’s resale value. In addition, longstanding professional trade discounts between interior designers and industry partners will have you signing on the dotted line for a fraction of the cost while a designer’s ability to put the kibosh on hasty high-dollar purchases, based on principle alone, will have extra coin falling directly into your pocketbook. Finally—and most importantly—it is the innate ability of that same talented designer that will have your home looking magazine-ready without breaking the bank. These are all flashing-neon examples of how an interior designer can keep your project in matte black and out of glossy red.

Guaranteed, if you are tempted to undertake a building or remodeling project without the expert assistance of an interior designer, your issues will soon be more than money.

Saving you Time
Interior designers, with almost pathological dedication, have the ability to scour the virtual universe of endless resources based on your individual style and preferences–precisely narrowing down your choices to the micro-cosmic detail of what is needed or wanted—at a light-speed of deliverance compared to what could have taken you months to accomplish. Top-notch designers are proficient in keeping a project on point by methodically answering endless questions from countless contractors, tradesmen, and salespeople that could easily eat up your entire day or week. The trajectory of sourcing, quoting, and ordering while processing the logistics of shipping, receiving, and warehousing; as well as dealing with inspections, damage claims, repairs, returns, and restocking fees are accomplished by seasoned interior designers with meticulous organization and time-management skills that could shake your internal clock to the core.

Advocating for You
An interior designer’s exuberant willingness to over-exceed and over-deliver on every level is the gold-seal standard pressed into your project’s successful completion. An honest, conscientious designer is trained to recognize and stand toe-to-toe against unethical behavior, faulty craftsmanship, and disrespect of any kind on your behalf. The consummate interior designer is held to a code of conduct that insists lead times be nursed and delivery dates be hawk-eyed while sniffing around for sneaky additional charges, over-inflated restocking fees, and shameless back charges to make certain that what you receive is what was originally promised. It is the duty of the interior designer to almost never accept additional fees on your behalf and to work out any mishaps to your advantage. The most unglamorous side of interior design is the obligation to mediate possible issues between supplier, manufacturer, dealer, and sometimes builder and general contractor, to insure that all deliverables discussed and approved on paper come to fruition during implementation.

Obsessive Customer Service
Totally vested and slightly obsessed, action-driven interior designers are tireless and endlessly proactive, guaranteeing a sense of urgency that you can rely on. These powerhouses work overtime on weekends and holidays; they follow up and follow through in order to avoid mistakes and accomplish the deadlines set forth by the collaborative team of engineer, architect, and contractor. Ridiculously reliable—true design professionals have a passion for what they do and offer you the flexibility of being available before and after the average workday to accommodate even the most demanding schedules—because we love what we do and no request is ever too extreme!

Interior designers’ minds are incubators for the most creative ideas and their expert execution is the catalyst for the ultimate in any residential or commercial environment. It is well worth the investment to seek counsel from a licensed interior designer who can be the vehicle that transports your project from good to gold—while keeping your sanity intact!

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