The Image of Antonio Cabrera - Everything Elevated to Art Form

The Image of Antonio Cabrera - Everything Elevated to Art Form

You might think posing atop a quarter horse while wearing an exquisitely tailored white dinner jacket and bow tie is a photo-op worthy of a royal Christmas card rather than one’s personal corporate image—but it’s not! Antonio Cabrera is all about the details—just ask Carl Lagerfeld, the flamboyant fashion designer who practices this same philosophy of bravado.

Antonio Cabrera, the Venezuelan event designer, is much more than stunning good looks with his bronze skin and jet-black, slicked-back hair. He is a decorated artist, designer, and professional dedicated to his forte of event planning, decorating, and designing. Collaborating in the social world of design, Antonio attributes his extraordinary success to his hyper-visual, innate talent that has him willing to wipe a dirty hand across that same white dinner jacket rather than miss his excellent grade of perfection—for any client.

From intricately arranging a single sphere of exotic yellow roses in a crystal vase for an elegant dinner engagement to producing a full-scale wedding production overseas, Antonio’s trained eye cannot help but painstakingly elevate everything to art form. For Antonio, each floral stem is clipped with surgical precision, every hue of fabric is custom color-matched to dynamic aesthetic appeal, and his mission is to exalt the everyday “Wow!” to the once-in-a-lifetime “Oh my God!” beauty that is unmatched in his profession.

Now, those are grand-scale proportions that leave little room for competition.

Antonio’s work has been lavishly displayed in London, Paris, and Monaco; has appeared in a myriad of magazines; and been showcased on CNN. Additionally, he has received the epitome of all recognition: Antonio decorated America’s most renowned home, The White House. His latest collaboration with First Lady Michelle Obama has won him enormous public admiration as well as a full roster of clientele from New York, Washington D.C, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, and Florida (where he is headquartered).

Boutique showrooms and design houses across North America are vying for the opportunity to place their corporate identities alongside Antonio’s image of perfection in the hope of gaining opportunity. Marylin De La Hoz, professional patron of Antonio and manager of Baltus, the prestigious furniture showroom based in the highbrow district of Miami says, “No one can fill a room like Antonio!”

Should you be interested in attaining the services of Antonio—the authority on everything design—for an intimate soiree or to orchestrate an entire production, visit his website: You can also visit Antonio’s Facebook page at where you will find a dazzling array of professional and personal images on display.


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