The Man, the Myth, the Market-Maker - Nishantha de Gruiter - The Brains Behind Chicago's New Suitsupply

The Man, the Myth, the Market-Maker   -     Nishantha de Gruiter - The Brains Behind Chicago's New Suitsupply

In the fashionable Gold Coast of Chicago – on the corner of Oak and Rush, adjacent to Barney’s New York and directly above Hermes – you may have noticed the commotion of a new power player in town: Suitsupply!

This high-octane, James Bond-evoking, white-on-white penthouse – where the clothing is the interior design – is a rebellious playground for the man who desires everything. Curved walls flaunt a dizzying array of suit coats and pants in the latest Italian fabrics, tempting you with the promise of sex-appeal. A gigantic floor-to-ceiling display of meticulously folded dress shirts leaves you drooling like a child over candy, while the hundreds of eye-popping silk neckties sparkle under the gleaming lights like jewels. Wander in a little further and you encounter a treasure trove of handkerchiefs and cuff links within glossy, vinyl-wrapped display cases against the backdrop of an elegant outdoor patio boasting lush landscaping and whitewashed teak furniture that says, “We believe in thinking differently!”

The unique selling proposition of the entire Suitsupply chain is that they have revived the concept of master tailors on site – strategically placing them front and center to secure the brand by offering up a systematic look and an understanding of the need and desire for custom clothing. Having originated in Amsterdam and now with over 40 stores worldwide, Suitsupply’s unconventional motto is as pragmatically thought-out as their marketing campaign: Forego the highest-end real estate and bypass the traditional print marketing. “We focus on real customer service, not numbers, and real customer service is the only vehicle that guarantees success!” states Nichantha de Gruiter (who prefers to be addressed as Nish). Nish is the Sri Lankan-born  mastermind that is head of Suitsupply U.S. – who personally feels that titles are overrated and considers his official designation to be “Market-Maker” (one who creates a market where there once was none.)

A former staff member at Brunello Cucinelli, Nish is maneuvering for power alongside the “if-you have-to-ask-you-can’t-afford-it” fashion houses of Prada and Gucci – and he is starting with the talent inside the doors of Suitsupply. For his own staff, the mastermind himself has personally snatched up the most handsome and the brightest – former employees of such high-end boutiques as Jimmy Choo or from computer guru Apple who understand service as an art form. Their perks for gaining employment at Suitsupply? An extensive three-month training program in Amsterdam and an extremely generous clothing allowance that enables them to lead by example. Company core values speak out against artificial communication, promise the highest levels of professionalism, and guarantee expertise in their passion – exquisite tailoring that breeds confidence.

Suitsupply has been blessed with riveting write-ups from male fashion bibles like GQ and Esquire, who rank them with other companies in the fashion industry who have similar business models that challenge the status quo – among them, JetBlue. So the cocktail question just may be: Who is Suitsupply’s target market? And the answer is: Men of every age who want to feel better, look younger, and wear clothes that fit their individual physique. This vertically integrated company has fired the middle man and owns all of its own production factories, which allows them the privilege of suiting-up everyone from the bluebloods to the nouveau riche to the up-and-coming young executive with suit jackets starting at $299.00 and two-piece suits starting at $469.00. Now that is one-upping the competition!

Should you choose to visit Suitsupply – and I think you should – you will find them located at 945 North Rush Street in Chicago, or visit them online at or on Facebook at

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