What to Charge for Interior Design - Know What You and Your Services Are Worth

What to Charge for Interior Design - Know What You and Your Services Are Worth

Individuals and companies across the globe eagerly spend large sums of money for interior designers who are worth their weight in gold. These private and corporate consumers know that well-conceived, inspiring, out-of-the-box design solutions add value and panache to their residences and boost their bottom line. If you are an interior designer, this news should make you sit up and take notice. Do you know what to charge and most importantly, are you charging enough?

In the big business of interior design, there are many methods for calculating your own professional worth, but just in case you aren’t aware of them or would like a refresher course, contemplate these three powerful, professional characteristics that are most likely to translate into greater compensation for your work.

1.          Experience & Qualifications – Over ten years of professional practice with a roster of successful projects confirms intense industry knowledge. Combine that with a long list of solid client relationships that have led to valuable referrals, and your label will read “top talent” amongst senior designers everywhere. Your qualifications of appellations and accreditations will show that you value continued education and will also be a strong indicator that you are considered an “expert” among your professional peers. All of these factors will easily escalate your asking price.

2.         Customer Service & Quality Work – In the business world, your ability to practice good old-fashioned customer service will be one of your largest potential assets as you go head-to-head with your competition. Superior around-the-clock availability, adherence to the highest professional standards of performance and a willingness to go the extra mile to assure satisfaction are all things that potential clients will happily pay a pretty price for.

3.         Self Confidence – While working in the trenches gaining experience and qualifications, you will ultimately be building the most important prerequisite needed for any business professional: the ability to believe in yourself and to ask for compensation that mirrors what you believe you are worth. Being able to dance the fine line between self confidence and arrogance will allow you to stand up to your toughest critic – you!

In the race to the design future, the key is to work smarter, not harder! The most essential advice one can give you is to follow your best instincts as you walk your career path, taking notice of all of the precious milestones you achieve. Reaching these goals and continually honing your professional craft will earn you the right to set the corresponding fair fees for your services. In addition, you will gain the confidence to state your hourly wage without fear of losing a project.

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