Nickelodeons Jo Jo Siwa Dream Tour comes to Chicago

Nickelodeons Jo Jo Siwa Dream Tour comes to Chicago

On Thursday Feb 10th Jo Jo Siwa Fans all around the Chicagoland area came out to enjoy a night full of bopping and twisting with the now 18 year old superstar. The sold out concert was hosted at the all state arena, one of the largest indoor entertainment facilities in the Chicagoland area.

The Nickelodeon superstar known for her colorful style , large bows, and upbeat music didn’t let fans down with her song and outfit choices for the night. In true JoJo fashion, she opened the show wearing a sparkly two piece number with matching high top kicks. What was notably missing was her famous side ponytail and hair bow that we’ve grown use to seeing over the years. Instead, she rocked long wavy tresses that swung to the sound of the music for most of night.

Although there were several exciting moments throughout the concert from the surprise ballroom dance routine to the random mic tricks. A crowd fav was definitely seeing the Chicago sport’s themed costumes dripped in glitter and moment we got to see JoJo put her famous bow back in her hair.

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