Nina Rozá on Community, Wealth, and Saving the World

Nina Rozá on Community, Wealth, and Saving the World

Nina Rozá is a South Los Angeles native who, through her work as a business woman and social entrepreneur, has been able to make significant contributions towards the betterment of her community. Nina Rozá recognizes that in order for growth and economic status to happen, there must be an initial investment in time and energy. “We can’t expect people to do anything if they don’t know how.” Her goal is to create a movement that will motivate and inspire people to make a difference. 

Rozá has been an entrepreneur for decades. After purchasing her first property in her early 20s, she quickly developed a passion for what she calls, turning something into nothing. From building a business and finding gems to rehab, to getting over fears and walking in purpose, Nina’s lessons will help you attract anything that you could possibly want. Everything you need to know is right there, if you speak it and believe it. 

Community, Wealth, and Saving the World

During our conversation, I gained important insight about Nina RoZá’s mindset and her passion for wealth building in the Black Community. Few things are more important to her than having the freedom to make her own decisions about how she spends her time, what she chooses to buy, and where she invests her money.

When we think about saving the world, it’s not only about wealth. It’s also about resource management. In order for us to do that well, we’ll need to work together as a community. In order for us to have the freedom to make decisions about our wealth, we need to have that freedom in everything that we do.

The Future of South Central LA

South Central LA has typically been associated with gangs, violence, murders, and poverty. But what about the other side of the coin? What about the successful business owners who are improving their neighborhoods and investing in the future of the community? During her interview, I gathered that Nina RoZá’s vision included  seeing more diverse and local restaurants and cafes, as well as businesses. This was her exact feeling when she purchased the Historic Maverick’s Flat. It was a shell of a structure that she revitalized and transformed into a gorgeous private event space. 

“I am working on a TV show that will be similar to Soul Train. It will be called the Function. It is about some of the new talent and the new look and the new hair and styles of this current generation. We will be featuring new talent and a platform where new talent can be discovered. With Maverick’s Flat being a historical place, I feel that it’s only fair that I allow them to come through the same doors.” 

Nina RoZá

The Big Picture 

Nina RoZá has a deep and abiding passion for community. This is the driving force of her work. Her efforts are directed towards the development of communities in which people can live life to its fullest. She is committed to bringing about a time in which people are seen as the most important thing and communities are really formed around people. 

She has a clear vision for this long term goal, but she is also deeply involved in the day-to-day work that is required to bring this vision into existence. Her current company Hoodstock looks to disrupt the tech industry and create a new lane for Black talent and businesses. This is the umbrella company for several ventures, including Nina RoZá’s current film projects.

“My dream is that I want to work with more production people. I made the space a multi-purpose venue. I want people to be able to use the space. We are remodeling the downstairs with the kitchen. I would also love a pop up restaurant in the basement. Creating partnerships with chains to give the community an opportunity to experience something new.”

Nina Rozá

According to Nina RoZá, “It would be great to have a lot of people that cook good food, and rent the space and have the name of the marque. I like to do different things that are outside of the box. We want a variety of things that are happening.” 

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