The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference

The iRelaunch Return to Work Conference

What is a relauncher?

Relaunchers are mid- to senior level professionals who have taken an extended career break and want to return to work.

According to iRelaunch, there’s more than one reason to take a career break

There are so many reasons why someone would need to or want to take a career break – extending far beyond the usual suspects of child care or elder care. Especially during the pandemic, career breaks can be for anything from a personal health issue, recovering from an accident or taking care of one’s mental health, expat or military spouse experience, taking time off after military service, grieving the loss of a family member or close friend, pursuing a personal interest or passion, taking a sabbatical, the decision to “un-retire” – the list goes on.

However, the relauncher talent pool is predominantly female, as the largest subset of the relauncher population is women who take career breaks for childcare reasons.

I’m excited to be speaking at the @iRelaunch Virtual Return to Work Conference on October 5th-7th, 2021. Open to anyone looking to relaunch their careers – hope you can join us! Use my code friendsofirelaunch and receive a complimentary ticket until October 1st when registration closes. Register at this link:

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