Misgivings Regarding Contact Lenses For Teenagers Clarified

Misgivings Regarding Contact Lenses For Teenagers Clarified

Last year my teenage daughter was prescribed glasses. We got her nice glasses from a renowned Chicago optician and all was fine for a few weeks, however suddenly she did not want to wear them at all. We tried to convince her that it was for her benefit and her eyes could deteriorate further if she did not use glasses but she was not convinced. It was peer pressure; she felt she was being made fun of at school. Even innocuous questions such as ‘let me check your glasses’ seemed like she was being targeted, according to her. We could see that the girl who was confident usually was suffering from low self-esteem.

The only option was contact lenses and we hoped that it would help her regain confidence. However, I was very sceptical of contact lenses, I had a lot of misgivings, I was not sure whether a teenage girl would be able to handle contact lenses properly. I had watched a video of an Alabama football player who almost lost his eyesight by making mistakes that could be avoided while using contacts. Though I had misgivings, the confidence of my child was the priority and we ordered contact lenses for her. It’s been a year since my daughter started using contact lenses and I can safely say that I do not have any doubts. In fact, if you are a parent with reservations, I will surely recommend contact lenses for your child. I do so because I have seen the advantages of using them, however, it does come with some caveats such as:

  • You should ensure that your child does not sleep wearing contact lenses. Many children forget to remove their contacts and it can cause eye infections. I regularly ask my daughter at night, whether she has removed the lenses, sometimes she removes them early in the evening and roams around the house wearing glasses, which I find very comforting.
  • Always tell your child that they should not wear their contact lenses when they go to swim or when they shower. When we ordered the contact lenses we were advised that the child should not use them in the shower or pool and it has become a rule at home, no contacts while swimming or while showering.
  • Contact lenses have to be replaced regularly. I ensure that my daughter has a new pair of lenses whenever necessary.
  • I also make it a point to clean the storage cases even though she takes care of them properly. By doing this my mind is at peace because I know that eye infections will not occur.

If your child is involved in sporting activities, glasses can be a hindrance but with contacts, the child can continue his or her sporting career. My daughter is very good at basketball and she has grown from strength to strength in the sport and this all due to contact lenses.

My one other suggestion is that you should ensure that your teenager gets regular eye check-ups yearly. Do not worry, just go ahead and order contact lenses for your teen.

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