How to Make Sure Your Home Doesn't Get Broken Into

How to Make Sure Your Home Doesn't Get Broken Into

The common deadbolt which we see in many homes was an invention that reduced the number of burglaries in homes in the 60’s and 70’s. With the advent of electronic surveillance and security apparatus such as lock technologies etc., home burglaries have considerably reduced. However, on average more than a million homes are broken into every year in the United States of America and quite a few of them in Chicago too. When a home gets broken into it is an invasion of privacy and this should never happen. However, we can only take precautions so that the home doesn’t get broken into.

Do not advertise your expensive items:

Keeping a costly bicycle or a lawn mower in the yard could make a burglar mark your property as one to be broken into. Keep costly items in your garage. Do not leave cartons of things that you bought which are expensive outside, because burglars could be lurking and marking homes. Do not be a showboat and keep your curtains open so that people from the outside can see what is inside, in fact, you should walk around your property and check what expensive items are visible from the outside and make sure that they are not visible. This way a burglar will not know that you have expensive items in your home, if you are not careful and if you show off your items, it is just an advertisement for burglars to walk in and take what they want.

Create an illusion:

Many studies indicate that burglaries occur when people are not at home and this does not mean it occurs when people are on vacations, the most burglaries occur when the residents are at work and no one is at home. To prevent burglaries in such cases you can create the illusion that someone is at home by keeping lights on or playing some music or even keep the television on. You will pay a slightly higher energy bill but it is worth it.

Invest in a home safe:

Investing in an in-home safe is one of the best investments that you can make. Keeping your valuables in the safe is the best way to keep them secure. Burglars cannot easily take them and if you keep your safe in a place that is not easily found, such as an inconspicuous place your valuables will stay safe and secure.

Invest in an alarm system:

An alarm system for your home along with a motion detector for your yard will keep burglars away for good. In fact, homes with alarm systems and/or motion detectors were found to be more secure. Homes without these systems were burgled more compared to ones with these systems.

Never keep a spare key outside your house:

Many of us have the habit of keeping a spare key below the pots outside our homes. It is a very common practice because people do not want to be locked out of their homes. However, it is an invitation for burglars to come and burgle your home. Never keep spare keys outside, in fact, a better idea would be to keep a spare key in your chain or even better still ask your neighbor or friend to keep a spare key for such eventualities.



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