Good Music: State Street

What would you do if you were able to create something with your best friend? I mean, really, in this time of COVID-19 quarantine, it feels hard to even imagine hanging out with your best friend. That’s what Jason Ferguson and Marcus Fitzgerald did. They decided to hang out virtually and create something positive to highlight their favorite place.Chicago

Both of them have different careers by day. Marcus Fitzgerald is an engineer and Jason Ferguson is an Emergency Management consultant, but they both love music. Ever since they were in school together at their West Side Elementary School music bonded them. It was the thing that kept them through the different circumstances of their environment. Though challenging, they were able to foster a level of closeness to their community because of the great foundation they had in their family unit.

But during this COVID-19 quarantine, they needed something to get their minds off of the fact that they couldn’t get out and be with the rest of the world. They decided to collaborate on a project, a five song EP, that they feel like indoctrinates a new wave of the ’90s to 2020. Their recent song Blank is an ode to the ’90s hits and artists such as SWV, Jodeci, and Mary J. Blige.

They decided that they wanted us to take that music and give a feel that is a 2020 version of excellence in R&B and hip hop mixed. Their new song does it all. More than anything, they wanted to gel together something that gave a visual to how they felt. Using the creator Blinks’ support, they created a video to go along with the song. It’s a great hit. Check it out in the link below, leave comments, and follow them both on Instagram at their hashtags.

Good music is everything. It’ll even lift you out of a somber mood during quarantine.

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