The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: No Candy for Me, Give Me a Soothe Massage

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: No Candy for Me, Give Me a Soothe Massage

As a mom of four girls, I don’t get much time to practice self care and wellness, so I welcome opportunities to indulge in quality “me time.” One indulgence is Soothe on-demand massage, which makes a great Mother’s Day gift for any busy mom looking to relax without having to go to a spa.

The joys of mothering are endless, but it isn’t always conducive to getting enough sleep, as all parents know. According to the National Sleep Foundation, adults need between 7-9 hours of sleep per night. Massage therapy is perfect for moms who are losing sleep feel refreshed and energized, in a holistic way.

In addition to helping with exhaustion, massage therapy has many health benefits:

it relieves tension and soreness in your muscles, if you’ve been sitting all day or working out intensely;

it increases blood circulation which can increase your energy and focus, while at the same time promoting relaxation;

and, if you suffer from depression or anxiety, massage therapy may help alleviate these symptoms, according to studies.

Why Soothe? First, it’s so convenient. It delivers a licensed, insured massage therapist to your home, office, or hotel within 60 minutes. It also offers a Soothe Plus membership which offers up to 25% off standard pricing, and even offers massage and stretching programs for the workplace.

Since launching its mobile app and massage service in Los Angeles in 2014, Soothe has delivered close to 1 million massages worldwide, and is currently available in 70 markets across 4 countries, with over 13,000 background-checked therapists in its network. “People continue to discover the therapeutic benefits of massage, ” says Jeff Bishop, Soothe’s VP of Operations. Soothe will celebrate its fifth anniversary this August.

This Mother’s Day, make sure to show your mom that you care about her well-being by gifting an at-home massage–I just treated myself to a massage, and it was pure joy!

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  • That is real! There is no better gift than a massage that is going to help the one you love to feel relaxed and without stress.

    Like this article, thank you for writting about it

    - Jorge

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