The Ada App: Assesses Symptoms Before Your Doctor's Visit

The Ada App: Assesses Symptoms Before Your Doctor's Visit
Ada App

As the mom of three girls, I am grateful for the opportunity to stay home and raise them full time. With the threat of flu season and respiratory-related illnesses, I am cautious of new symptoms that arise–even for the common cold. It is specifically challenging to diagnose my nonverbal deaf and autistic daughter. I monitor her digestive system, food intake and sleeping patterns in order to assess when she is not feeling well.

Recently, she had issues related to her digestive system, and the Ada app helped me assess that she was indeed likely experiencing potential digestive issues, before I took her to the doctor. The app let me use a diagram to point out where my daughter was experiencing discomfort. It was a great tool for allowing me to identify her symptoms by providing multi-choice options and focused prompts.  It also gave me the opportunity to monitor and better understand all my children’s health symptoms by tracking them over time. I loved that the app has specific questions that are clear and visible without other distracting features. It was like conversing with a doctor. Plus, I can get health assessments for my children at any time of the day or night.

According to reviews, Ada is slated to be one of the leading personal health companion apps, and is available for download for iOS and Android phones from anywhere in the world. While the health assessment is not meant to serve as a medical diagnosis, it provides information for people to better understand their health. The Ada technology has been trained over several years using real-world cases, and the platform is powered by a sophisticated artificial intelligence engine combined with an extensive medical knowledge base covering many thousands of conditions and symptoms.

This helps you and your doctor better manage your overall health. It brings high-quality, personalized, interactive, and actionable health guidance to millions worldwide, empowering patients to proactively manage their unique healthcare journey.  

Normally I am among the billions of people who Google symptoms, hoping for the right diagnosis. However, the hardest part about using Google to understand your symptoms is that the search engine is not able to take into account your past medical history and risk factors, and the info is not based on medical research. Again, as the mother of three, I am happy that this app is making my journey as a parent much easier. I am thrilled that I have something to reference rather than using Google.


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