Manchild: The Story of Schea Cotton

Manchild: The Story of Schea Cotton

(Los Angeles – California) – On Monday February 12th, Manchild: The Schea Cotton Story, touched the hearts of hundreds at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. Manchild tells the story of now retired ball player, Schea Cotton. He was once regarded as the greatest pre-high school aged player ever, even better than LeBron James.

The celebrity VIP guests and an all star panelists including Casey Jacobsen and James Cotton, the story of faith, integrity, and resilience empowered the audience through mentoring, education & sports. Along with the screening of the film itself, star of the documentary and founder and CEO of the Manchild Elite Corp., shined light on his amazing organization dedicated to empowering youth through education, basketball, and leadership. In service of the nonprofit’s mission, Schea brought over a dozen of young men to the screening where they got a firsthand look at the inspirational story.

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