Horoscopes for Redheads

Over the past few years, I’ve been getting my hands dirty in astrology. And not like “my horoscope said that today I’m going to pet a goat and then the goat will bite my finger off, but it’s OK because I’ll win $13.50 at the petting zoo raffle.” Since obviously, that could be applied to anyone, any day.

Nay, I’m discussing natal birth charts. Forget just your sun sign! I wanna know your moon sign (which governs your inner, emotional being), your ascendant sign (how you appear to the world), etc.

My sun sign is Capricorn, but I always felt I related most to Pisces. I’m very emotional, extremely sensitive and intuitive to the point of almost seeming like a seer. Plus I always related to being a fish…if I had it my way, I would be swimming and surfing and kayaking on some body of water right now. (Pisces is a water sign and its symbol is a fish.)

Then I did a natal birth chart, and I found out my moon sign is Pisces! And my ascendant is Cancer, yet another intuitive, emotional water sign! Astrology works after all! If you don’t read those stupid daily horoscopes, anyway.

Today, something clicked in me! You see, your ascendant sign governs what you look like. I know, I thought it was crazy too, until I found out that Cancer ascendants (me) tend to have thin arms and legs and rounder middles (like me), nice breasts (hello double DDs), big doe eyes (check), pale (double check), small hands & feet (hello size 6 1/2 shoes) and more. Your sun sign has some influence too, but it’s mostly your ascendant that matters.

Suddenly, today of all days, it dawned on me to try to figure out how astrology might cause red hair! I used the Googles, and sure enough, astrologer Judith Hill claimed that all redheads have either Mars rising or Mars very prominent in their birth charts. I checked, and my Mars sign is Pisces. And Mars is trine ascendant. I have no idea what that means, honestly, but the description pretty much describes a redhead by using words like “passionate”, “strong temperament”, “powerful” and “sexual”.


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