Happy National Love Your Red Hair Day!

Happy National Love Your Red Hair Day!

If you ain’t a redhead, then you probably don’t get why this holiday is important.

Most of us gingers have a similar story: we hated our hair growing up. It invited bullying, teases and jabs from other kids, because well, kids bully kids for being different. It’s probably no different from having a gap between your front teeth, or big nose. And if you’re a redhead, you are one of only 2 percent of the population, so there’s pretty much a 100% guarantee that you’re gonna look different. And it’s not just our hair that’s different — it’s also our skin tone, freckles and eyebrows. And if you have curly hair, as many redheads do, then there’s yet another layer of not fitting in with the American standard of beauty as you struggle with frizz.

You start to get the message that you aren’t accepted in society. That you’re ugly.

And it’s difficult to find role models with red hair to look up to since we’re so rare. And Hollywood traditionally didn’t cast a lot of redheads as they never seemed to be able to figure out how to typecast them. Even Marilyn Monroe dyed her hair blonde!

(And for those of you who are still in that stage of life, don’t worry, it gets better. Most redheads go off to college and learn that quite a few people are stunned/obsessed with/struck by red hair and you start to appreciate and love your differences.)

Red hair is really quite a crazy thing, the more I think about it. It’s the rarest hair color in the world, and we’re literally physiologically different from other people. I’m trying to think of another trait of people that is comparable to redheads in its rarity. Any ideas? Maybe albinism? Although technically I think that’s a disorder whereas being a ginger is not.

Anyway, when Kick a Ginger Day exists (and mean kids take it literally), you know there’s a need for National Love Your Red Hair Day. Because as much as old ladies and creepy men might tell you they love your hair, it takes quite a while for most of us to accept it ourselves.

And we redheads happen to be a sensitive bunch.

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    When growing up in a blackhead community, they made it difficult for me, to the extent that I stood one day by the side of our house sobbing and trying to pull the hair out of my head. I looked at other guys with decent looking hair styles. I couldn't just replicate it but my modestly curly locks looked all the worse for my efforts in some cases. Guys have more of a problem than girls. We can't wear makeup. One lady spoke to my 4 year old little girl and said she would kill to have the bright ginger hair like that. As a guy, I'm more likely to be told I would be killed for hair like that. One act I hate is Carrot Top. He uses the pain we experience and parades it out there as if it were some sort of joke and thus exacerbates the problem. I'll keep from prattling on but ginger something I wouldn't wish upon others.

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