The No Eye Makeup Experiment

The No Eye Makeup Experiment

Recently, I wrote about experimenting with going eye makeup-free. I’ve been tired of putting makeup on my eyes in the morning and spending far too much time and energy (and money) wiping it off at night.

I’ve learned to love the look of someone with pale eyebrows and eyelashes wearing nothing but (usually bright) lipstick.

So I thought I’d experiment with doing the same.

I went to work wearing only lip color. Every once in awhile, I’d go makeup-free, or vary what types of makeup I’d war. So this wasn’t too crazy or out of the norm. So no one said anything, except for one of my co-worker friends who, within the context of a conversation, said something about how when she first met me, I always wore makeup and looked so pulled together, with “glowing skin”. Huh, I thought. That’s a surprise. But it also irked me that I “looked” like I was wearing makeup…really well-done makeup should make it look like I’m not wearing any makeup at all.

The only problem is: I’m terrible with lip makeup. It always either a.) ends up all over my face or b.) lasts for all of about 20 minutes until it lands all over my coffee cup.

So I”m trying to make a commitment to reapply after lunch. And to use a lip liner before applying the color.

So work was alright, which brings me to something I felt much weirder about wearing minimal makeup for: dates.

Last week, I had 3 first dates. That’s right, 3. Because I’m crazy. Anyway, the first two dates are with what one would call “nice guys”, or more meanly, “betas”. To be really transparent, the second guy seemed like a nice guy, and probably thought he was too, but in reality was a total jerk.

Anyway, I showed up to both with only lip color. The first was a coffee date, so it made more sense. The second was sushi (which said beta/jerk berated me for choosing as it was too “cliche”).

Both guys texted me later seemingly interested in meeting again.

The third guy happened to be a little more assertive. Older, consultant, lives in New York half the week.

I was really nervous to meet him, probably because he seemed more “alpha” … and honestly, more handsome.

Because he had that put-together, well-dressed consultant vibe, I really wanted to look my best. We planned, day-of, to meet after work, so I rushed over to CVS to buy a bunch of makeup.

In an unusual twist for me, I decided to try blackest black mascara and a navy eyeliner.

The date started off going really well. We worked in similar industries so had a lot to chat about, he (respectfully) initiated some innocent physical contact, and we decided to go for a second drink.

But then it started getting weirder, as these things seem to. We went to a bar on the river without a server, so we had to get up one at a time to look at the menu. We had to separately go to the Port-O-Potty while the other held down our table. We stopped having things to talk about. The physical touch decreased to nothing. We met at 6 and parted at 11 — without eating. We rode the train home together and since we were sitting, and he got off before me, he left without so much as a hug.

So my minimal makeup dates went much better than my fully made-up one.

I have more time in the morning, and I think the skin around my eyes is even starting to look better!

I think I’ll be sticking to this lipstick-only plan for awhile.

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