Invisible Eyelashes & Eyebrow Insecurities

Invisible Eyelashes & Eyebrow Insecurities

I’ve been thinking a lot about makeup recently. I used to be the biggest minimalist there ever was, in the most progressive way: “This is how God made me. Why would I try to change that!?” It somehow was similar to when I was 12, the age my mom finally allowed me to get my ears pierced, and I decided not to because I thought it was body mutilation. (I was an odd kid, who grew into an odd adult. But, spoiler alert: I got my ears pierced at age 18.)

But at the same time, I was very insecure about my blonde eyelashes and eyebrows. My big hair swallowed my face and hid my eyes, and having invisible eye features didn’t help.

Yet, I always thought black mascara looked too harsh on me. And brown just looked wrong. I was beyond excited to discover Just for Redheads mascara, and later, Redhead Revolution for their strawberry blonde, red and auburn mascaras.

I began wearing their mascaras and eyebrow makeup relatively regularly.

Yet, lately I’ve been feeling weird about it. Sometimes I see pictures of myself and think how I look much younger when I’m not wearing eye makeup. I’ve noticed more fine lines around my eyes lately (oh the perks of having fair, dry skin!), and I fear using makeup has contributed to that (the mascara flakes, the tugging and pulling when removing makeup, the makeup I was unable to remove and ended up sleeping in.)

Sometimes I look at men with similar features, and I never think “Their eyebrows are invisible! Sucks for them!” Instead I think, that suits them. Maybe it suits me too?

I have a number of friends who are makeup non-believers too. Yet, these friends have dark eyebrows and eyelashes; they don’t need makeup to make their features stand out!

It’s a strange thing to be insecure about. But I know many redheads, like the sisters who run How to be a Redhead would never leave the house without black mascara.

Still, when I see pictures of beautiful Norwegian and Swedish girls who wear their fair features proudly and sans makeup, I can’t help but be mesmerized. I think of the time a very sexy Brazilian man told me he loved how exotic I looked without makeup. A lesbian friend of mine whose hinted she has a crush on me has criticized me before for wearing makeup, telling me I look more beautiful without it. And I think of the Tilda Swintons of the world, who are so strikingly unique WITHOUT eye makeup.

Sometimes when I see girls wearing black mascara with similar features to me, I can’t help but think they just look like they’re wearing black mascara, and that they’d have been better off leaving it at home.

I did a quick Google search of redheads without makeup and found a site where men said they thought makeup ruined redheads. Of course, lots of men don’t understand that no-makeup looks often involve gobs of makeup.

A couple of sites even mentioned that redheads are some of the only women who look like two completely different people with and without makeup.

Anyway, I’ve noticed that oddly enough, lip color helps my eyebrows to stand out more. And I have no problem wearing lipsticks and stains, with the exception of not being able to keep it on!

So I might try to go sans eye makeup for a while and see how it goes. But I’ll have to play up my lip game a bit. We’ll see how long it lasts for.

What do you think? Should redheads always wear mascara?

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    As a fellow redhead, I completely understand your dilemma. Growing up I would have never left the house without makeup. It wasn't until I recently that I began to embrace the unique ginger look. We really are unicorns and we should feel empowered to go au naturale if it strikes our fancy.
    Currently one of my favorite looks to rock is either a bold lipstick with no eye makeup or a light brown mascara and nothing else. The lipstick really does make my eyes pop!

  • In reply to Redhead Revolution:

    Totally agreed! Thanks for the comment.

  • I just found your blog in November and I'm catching up for lost time.

    This is exactly how I feel about makeup. Sometimes I do my eyebrows, but I'm fanatic that it be applied exactly right so it looks natural.

    I like the look of non-black mascara, but I can't remove it without pulling out eyelashes. So I only wear it for important events where there will be photography.


  • I am a total redhead too with lashes and brows so blonde you can't see them in most lights - I have white skin (actually a bit pink and red and purple in places now I'm getting on haha!) and I have pale blue eyes - so pale they have a navy rim.

    It's been breaking my heart lately that so many redheaded women and girls felt they had to wear makeup - and it got me wondering the same things as you so it was awesome to come across this post!

    I have always been teased for how I look and I am at a point now where I don't care, so I've stopped wearing makeup except for special occasions and you know what? I saved lots of money, felt good not buying products that were causing animal suffering, saved loads of time applying or worrying about makeup or researching how to apply it to suit me, and I feel like the world is managing to survive my makeup-less-ness, ha!

    Some people say I look ill, others condescendingly say stuff like oh you have that natural vibe going on, others (blokes) have asked me out and written love letters and made my day with a wink and a smile! My friends think I'm brave and crazy, but we're still mates, still having great times, haha!

    Deep down do we even want to be attractive or youthful or not look how we look - do we want to be told how to act, spend our money and time and thinking power? Is it worth losing our sense of who we are to be what they might want us to be?

    Because really, what anyone else thinks is nothing. Makeup falls under my new doctrine: do what you wanna do cos you wanna do it!!!

    So, I guess this leaves me with it's been fun going without makeup and you know what, I'm gonna stick with it!

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