2016 New Year's Resolutions for Redheads

2016 New Year's Resolutions for Redheads

1. Wear sunscreen. Everyday.
One of the best things you can do for your health and to prevent wrinkles is wear sunscreen. Look for products with SPF 15; that’s all you need. An easy way to incorporate sunscreen into your daily routine is by using moisturizer that is already combined with SPF.

2. And while you are at it, wear sunglasses and get your eyes checked annually.
People with lighter-colored eyes tend to have worse eyesight and less protection against UV rays. Make sure your sunglasses have 100% UVA and UVB protection. You’ll know if they do, because the label will tell you if they do.

3. Get checked by a dermatologist.
Even without ever going out into the sun, gingers are more susceptible to melanoma. Health professionals recommend getting checked annually for signs of skin cancer.

4. Figure out if any foods you are eating, products you are using or environmental issues are causing you illness.
Redheads are more sensitive than other types of people and as a result, would do well to remove from anything they may be allergic or sensitive to from their lives. The EPA has lots of good information about what products are/aren’t toxic. And an elimination diet can provide guidance into any foods you are eating that might be making you sick (i.e. soy, nightshades, tree nuts, dairy, egg whites, gluten, etc…)

5. You are what you eat. So eat lots of ginger.
Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory. Besides avoiding certain products, environments and foods, you can improve your body’s response to toxicity by eating ginger. Plus ginger is known to improve hair and skin, along with numerous other benefits. And what redhead wouldn’t want to improve their already beautiful hair and skin?

6. Replace your black mascara with a redheaded one. Find an appropriately-shaded brow tint. Or make an oath to go makeup-free.
As previously stated, make sure your makeup is non-toxic first. While many believe black mascara looks best on redheads, others think it looks unnatural next to blonde or red eyebrows. Companies like Redhead Revolution, Just for Redheads and now even How to Be a Redhead offer redhead-friendly makeup shades you can’t find at the drugstore or at Ulta.

7. Date another ginger.
Recent psychological research shows that the old adage “Opposites attract” is false. Instead, people who are more alike will tend to get along the best in the long run. And who is more like you than another redhead? Plus, redheads may have more evolutionary advantages than non-gingers. Resulting in your future kids being exceptionally evolved.

8. Wear lots of royal blue, green and purple. And red on red on red.
Everyone knows these colors make us shine. And no one can pull off royal blue quite like you. Plus, we’ve proven time and time again that redheads can wear red. And in fact, might do it best.

9. Make peace with childhood bullying.
Red hair — or really anything — that makes kids different invites unwanted attention and bullying. Sadly, insecurity caused by bullying in childhood or adolescence can cause lasting emotional issues and lack of confidence long into a redhead’s adult life. If you are feeling insecure or lack self-esteem due to childhood bullies, make 2016 your year to overcome.

10. Attend a redhead festival or gathering.
In 2015, Chicago hosted two redhead related events: Redhead Days and Rock It Like a Redhead. Make it your mission this year to bond with a crowd of your own! It’s creepy and terrifying and totally fun.

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