Famous Redheads on the Big Screen (Guest Post)

Famous Redheads on the Big Screen (Guest Post)
Nicole Kidman

Seeing red? Redheaddates.com is excited to showcase this list of gorgeous and famous redheads that we all know and love. Gingers are becoming more widely used for commercials and advertisements as their fiery locks are said to stimulate intense emotions such as passion and hunger. Let’s see if you get hungry after looking at this list!

Nicole Kidman
Nicole’s broke through into the limelight in 1995 when she starred in Batman Forever as Dr. Chase Meridian. She earned a Golden Globe Award with the musical Moulin Rouge, and in 2005 she was registered as one of the most highly paid actresses, second behind fellow redhead Julia Roberts.

Julia Roberts
Born in 1967, Julia started acting at 20 years old, and her first big film was Pretty Woman in 1990. Her part in this film gained her a Golden Globe, and she has won or been nominated for over 100 other accolades worldwide. She was the highest paid actress throughout the ‘90s and has is by far one of the most well-known gingers on the big screen.

Cynthia Nixon
Cynthia began acting at the young age of 12 and is most famous for playing the sarcastic, funny and intelligent Miranda Hobbes in the Sex and the City franchise from 1998 – 2004, during which she won an Emmy Award.

Amy Adams
Amy’s breakthrough was in 2005 with the film Junebug and she won her first Academy Award. A few years later she starred in Disney’s Enchanted and received a Golden Globe for her vocal performance. Amy can also been in huge box office films such as the Superman movie, Man of Steel and American Hustle.

Ron Howard
Ron is one of TV’s biggest names and has progressed from Actor to Producer and Film Director. Most people will know Ron for starring in the TV sitcom Happy Days. He has also created great movies such as Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind and The Da Vinci Code. Ron won two Oscars (Best Director and Best Picture for A Beautiful Mind) and a Golden Globe for his acting in Happy Days.

Rupert Grint
Born in England, Rupert was cast as Ron Weasley in the famous Harry Potter series. Rupert starred in all 8 films from 2001 to 2011. He has been won numerous awards for his performance in the popular films as well as Best London Newcomer of the Year for his role in Mojo.

Seth Green
Probably his first big role was in the comical 60s-style film Austin Powers, when he played Scott Evil. He then had a few successful years in Buffy the Vampire Slayer from 1997 to 1999. Seth is well known for providing the voice for Chris Griffin from the animated series Family Guy. His movie appearances include Enemy of the State, Rat Race and America’s Sweethearts.

Jesse Tyler Ferguson
Jessie made his career as Mitchell in Modern Family in 2009. Since then he has earned 5 Emmy Awards nominations for Outstanding Supporting Comedy Actor. Jesse and his husband are well respected in the LGBT scene for starting a non-profit charity in support of marriage equality for same sex couples.

Damien Lewis
Damien is a British actor. However, having been picked up by Stephen Spielberg, he is known for acquiring a very convincing American accent during his filming of Band of Brothers. Since then he has had a number of successes in both the UK and USA. From 2011 – 2013, he had a starring role in the US TV series Homeland as Sergeant Nicholas Brody.

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