Mascara for Redheads

Mascara for Redheads
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A while back, I reviewed samples I received from a new makeup company targeted toward redheads: Redhead Revolution. While I may be biased because the the owner lived in my apartment building at some point (and she sent me free samples), I’ve been very excited to see the product line growing and improving. When I first reviewed products, two of my biggest criticisms were a lack of redhead-friendly mascaras and the lack of communication about just how much SPF was in the tinted moisturizer.

Well, my prayers have been answered, because RR now offers 3 hues of mascara (unsure why one is ‘true brown’) and the site now explains that the tinted moisturizer contains SPF 15 — the exact level we all should be wearing, ginger or not. (Any higher than 15, and the level doesn’t make a difference, as much as sunscreen companies would like to make us think it does.)

I ordered a bundle of all 3 mascaras, and I have to say while I still prefer the way Just for Redheads Mascara Studio looks, the idea of products with more “natural” ingredients has been growing on me. According to the website, all of Redhead Revolution’s products are ” paraben, phthalate and cruelty-FREE”. I kind of wish I knew more about why these things are bad…and if other stuff in the makeup is also bad but at the same time, we’re exposed to so many chemicals that we don’t even realize and most of us are sorta, kinda fine.

I also have to give major props to RR for adding lipstick to its product line. When I first heard about it, they only offered glosses, and I always kind of wondered if there’s a certain point in a woman’s life when you are supposed to make the transition from wearing lipgloss to lipstick. Or am I just insane? Lip gloss feels so…1999? Like something girls just starting to go through puberty wear? Like Lip Smackers? But what do I know, my uppity co-worker used to always yell at me for never wearing lipstick. Sorry, but it rubs off when I’m drinking my 8 glasses of water and then some all day long!

In fact it looks like many of the products are sold out right now. I’m really excited to see where this company is going. The more I think about it, the more I realize what a smart niche market this is: natural-ingredient redhead-friendly makeup. With what seems to be an actual redhead revolution, with the growth of sites like How to be a Redhead, Redhead Days, Redheads Anonymous and every celebrity under the daywalker-friendly sun dying their hair a shade of crimson, this is a smart and timely idea. You can tell the woman running the company, Kate Loveless, is quite sharp. Plus the blog and site design is mad cool.

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