Devachan Curly Haircut Review

Devachan Curly Haircut Review
Devachan post-haircut picture

At the behest of someone posting a comment on my review of curly hair salons around Chicago, I decided to give Cally’s Curls in Roger’s Park a try. Cally’s uses the Devachan cutting technique, a slightly less expensive alternative to Ouidad. First they cut your hair dry, then they wash and condition it, and then they cut it again while wet. I have to say this is the most I’ve EVER paid for a haircut (it was around $86ish, minus the tip). But a curly girl’s gotta do what a curly girl’s gotta do, and let me say it was WELL worth it. I probably won’t be going back any time soon (gotta save the $$ until I’m raking too many knots out again), but my hair has looked amazing ever since I got it cut a few weeks ago. Starr was my stylist, and she did what I think the best stylists do: she took my wishes/concerns into consideration and then threw in her own knowledge to enhance my ideas.

My one caveat is: she pulls. It is not a pleasant experience. But no pain no gain, amiright? Also, I snuck out of work a little early to make it to an appointment, and holy cow, I was there for 2 1/2 hours. They basically have multiple clients at once so that while one is drying another they can be cutting another. But then you also end up waiting around in a chair for a while. Despite being a redhead, I’m a patient person so I didn’t mind this so much. But I wish I had known so I could’ve planned it around work a little better.

The salon itself is funky, like Cally herself. I didn’t feel out of place at all. In fact, it was a little weird to be around only non-straight haired people, whether they were black, white or somewhere in between. But so many girls walked in and out with cute curly bobs that made me salivate to go back to my 2010-era life0changing dramatic bob haircut. But really, I’ve never seen so many legitimate curly cuts in one place before.

As for the Devachan method and products themselves, they did leave my hair feeling a little plastered and crunchy like so many products do. One interesting technique they use that I’ve never seen before is clipping the roots up so you get more volume at the roots. I love this because I could never quite figure out how to make my part look more flattering. I know my hair looks good but I also know that it’s not as flattering on my face as it could be. The clipping helps.

One other thing: I really appreciated that they didn’t try to thin my hair. She actually asked if I wanted more volume, and I said yes. Now I have extremely thick, big hair, and I’ve spent most of my life trying to find a way to make it look thinner, but at some point recently I just decided that I”m ready to own the poof. I’m tired of trying to look polished, and I want to look a little more wild. I think it’s just getting older and feeling like I have more confidence to wear the attitude my hair has. And the seeming resurgence of wavy/curly big hair is coming about, as evidence by Nasty Gal ads. I see some of their models on Pinterest, and I just think, “That’s my hair! They have my hair.” Do you know what it’s like to feel that way when you’ve spent most of your teen years aspiring to have sleek, straight blonde hair? I do. And I really hope Julia Roberts’ Pretty Woman style hair is back in next. Because I can rock that look.

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