Craiglist Creepers: Jobs for Redheads Edition

Craiglist Creepers: Jobs for Redheads Edition

Every once in a while, I’ll search Craigslist classifieds to see if I can feel better about having gingervitis by making money off it. I search the “Gigs” section for “redhead”. (If I’m feeling lonely or in need of a good laugh or in need of seeing pictures of a stranger’s penis, then I search the “Personals” section.)

You never know what you’re going to find because Wendy’s searched for a new Wendy a few years ago, and some place in Chicago needed a redhead for their billboard (Redhead Piano Bar, I think). A lot of horror films seek redheaded actresses as well. I wonder why…

Anyway if you’re a redhead, you might consider modeling for these people. Clearly you don’t have to be attractive cause — well, cause they are seeking redheads:

Need a Red Hot Redhead for Spring Photoshoot (Chicago Loop)

These people have it right on the Steampunk thing. Redheads make good Steampunkers, because they follow the No. 1 rule of punk: be different. They don’t even have to try. It doesn’t really matter that I don’t know what the heck steampunk is, but based on the steampunk images I’ve seen, a lot of the models are redheads. A lot are tattooed too, but those are the brunettes and blondes who have to get body art to make themselves look different; they’re not naturally steampunk like gingers are. At least, the gingers who don’t seem super innocent. But then again, maybe that works in their favor.

redhead/ginger female models wanted

Here’s an interesting one. Amateur photographer looking for redhead/ginger model. He doesn’t clarify which, and I quite like that he adds “ginger” to clarify because “redhead” isn’t quite clear enough. Redhead could imply any range of color after all, maybe even someone who — gasp — dyes their hair and HAS a soul. He likes tattoos and wants an “attention grabber” and says the photos will have a surreal quality to them — I have a feeling this guy knows his way around redheads. Watch out ladies, I smell a ginger phile.

If anyone decides to contact either of these people, please let me know how it goes. I’d love to do some research, but quite frankly, it creeps me out. Plus I’m too lazy. Has anyone found gotten a job by having red hair before?

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