Why "The Hunger Games" Discriminates against Redheads

Why "The Hunger Games" Discriminates against Redheads

Avoxes. Suzanne Collins says they are mute and redheaded. According to stereotypes, this may seem like an oxymoron.

However, once you get past this point and realize some redheads are portrayed as shy or mute (see Charlie Brown’s Little Redheaded Girl in the Corner, who is never shown or heard), note that the Avoxes are made to be slaves by the Capitol.

And the Capitol fashions are crazy. Effie Trinket has bubble gum pink hair because it’s stylish. Others have green, blue, purple hair. Tigris, in book 3, has work done to make her look like an actual tiger.

But no one is voluntarily redheaded.

Only the Avoxes are mentioned as having red hair, and in book 3, Katniss even mentions that the people living in the Capitol refer to them as “the redheads”.

The least-respected human beings, those being punished as traitors or otherwise, who have their tongues cut out, are redheads. Gee Suzanne Collins, tell us what you really think? Being red haired is a punishment in her eyes. Or she’s making a commentary on the public status of gingers. Or was this a way to make a point about racism without seeming racist a la MIA. Or no thought went into it at all. Or she copied it from “Battle Royale” or “The Giver” or another one of the young adult books she stole ideas from…

Maybe, for Halloween his year, I’ll be an Avox! As long as redism gives me Halloween costume ideas, I won’t try to start a redist revolution against “The Hunger Games”.

Oooh…maybe we can create an Avox-themed flash mob!?

Edit: Oy vey, I forgot about Foxface.



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  • Although Lynn Johnstone claimed that all of Peanuts was autobiographic (her For Better or Worse certainly was), I think Schultz admitted that the Little Red Headed Girl was someone he could admire only from afar and could not approach. So, her not talking was not much different than the parents and teachers (in the TV cartoons) talking in "honk, honk, honk." On the other hand, he was able to talk to and get aggravated by Lucy and Peppermint Patty (and in the earlier comics, Patty and Violet).

    So, what's the explanation for Zach Zaidman?

  • I do remember hearing that. "Little redheaded girl in the corner" sort of implies quiet to me...but perhaps you're right that it's not the best example.

    Who is Zach Zaidman and what type of explanation does he need? He has awesome initials.

  • In reply to thegingerphiles:

    The "Ginger Hair Genius" on The Score 670, and Bears Sideline Reporter on NewsRadio 780 and 105.9 WBBM, and host of most of the Bears radio programming. Also, an occasional fill-in sportscaster on Channel 2.1.

    In fact, until your blog, that's the only context in which I had heard the term used.

  • Ew, sick, gross. Not only a ginger but also a Bears fan? I'm a Packers fan.

    However, I will have to do a pro-phile on him since this blog is Chicago-based and about gingers...maybe he'd be up for an interview.

  • In reply to thegingerphiles:

    Not sure of the contractual relationship, but looks like a Bears employee. Anyway, it is his job.

    On the other hand, I don't think you will be doing a profile of his TV counterpart, Lou Canellis. Not too many red headed Greeks, and he certainly isn't one.

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