Ginger Pro-Philes: Zach Zaidman, "The Ginger Genius"

Ginger Pro-Philes: Zach Zaidman, "The Ginger Genius"

Thanks to commenter, Jack, I’m now aware of Chicago’s own ginger sports reporting hero, Zach Zaidman. I don’t like the Bears, so I don’t care too much, but since he’s a reporter and a ginger and in Chicago, I feel obligated to post about him.

The first thing that popped up when I Googled ZZ Carrot Top was a video entitled “Zach Zaidman, the most annoying dude in sports media history”. I’m pretty sure that’s actually Aaron from my journalism 202 class. Oh wait, he was a ginger too. I’m starting to see a trend here…

I don’t really understand anything that’s said in the video because I’m too spacey to be a good listener to things that are on videos. I need subtitles always, like a 101-year-old. Either that or my ears are racist, which is more likely. So if anyone can fill me in here, I’d truly appreciate it.

Then again, if anyone moderately attractive and somewhat intelligent between the ages of 24 and oh let’s say, 34 (?) would like to take me out on a date, I wouldn’t mind either. But now I’m just embarrassing myself.

Ahem…so this Zaidman guy, what’s his middle name, anyway? I hope it starts with an “A” so his initials are “ZAZ!” As in RaZAZle DaZAZle you! I watch too many musicals. At least this one refers to Chicago, which is relevant to this blog…

Ok, too much coke. Not the Lindsay Lohan kind, but the real addicting Coca Cola kind, though Lohan and I are two peas in a redheaded pod, and she used to always be seen with a red Coke can in her hand.

So Zaidman — can you tell I really don’t care about the Bears? — well, there’s no Wiki for him, and he kind of looks like a daywalker with his dark eyebrows and eyes and then fire engine red hair. He is most definitely not to be trusted.

Did I ever tell you about the time my friend from high school went on a date with Lovie Smith’s son? He was 33, with two kids, one of whom was 13, and she was a 19 or so year old virgin. But there aren’t any gingers in that story. Only cray.



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  • If you want to bring things together...
    --Your mention of Zaidman's dark eyebrows, and the way he looked on a TV report of reporters huddling around Lovie indicate that it doesn't look natural and probably isn't.
    --Both Jay Leno and Craig Ferguson had a reference to "Prince Harry is Carrot Bottom."
    --Carrot Top and his wife were on a cooking show on channel 7.2. While she was obviously bleached blonde, there was a dark brown streak where Carrot Top's hair was parted.

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