3 Reasons Prince Harry's Nudity Scandal is Scandalous other than Actual Nudity

3 Reasons Prince Harry's Nudity Scandal is Scandalous other than Actual Nudity
Prince Harry during his nudity scandal

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now that the most royal of gingers, Prince Harry, was photographed naked after apparently losing a game of strip pool while in America’s most charming town, Las Vegas.

The British media has been prevented from publishing the picture by the royal family, who apparently can still enact laws despite being nothing more than celebrities a la the Kardashians, who do nothing to be famous. At least to American understanding.

I’m pretty sure this law would violate the First Amendment in the USA, although I believe he was not in the public domain, so maybe it’s not fair game. He probably would just be able to pay someone off.

Anywhozizzle, there are so many things I find odd about this ordeal — but one of those things is definitely not that Prince Harry was photographed naked in Vegas. You’d have to take me to acting to classes to get me to look surprised. Yes, I admit my stint as Beth in my high school version of “Little Women” does not qualify me as a true actress. Ahem…

3 things I find odd:

1. They were playing strip pool. Usually nudity occurs during strip poker. Or if you’re my friends, strip cup (aka strip flip cup), which btw, I usually bow out at about this part of the night. Because you know, I’m not a 19-year-old frat boy. But apparently my friends think they are…

2. He’s covering himself. And there’s a girl behind him who is completely naked, covering herself behind him as well. I’m pretty suspicious they threw the game just because Harry really wanted to show the world his true ginger colors. It’s also possible that Brits don’t know how to play pool.

3. His security team has said he’s a nightmare to control. Well, duh, he’s a ginger in a country that despises gingers. And his mom died in the public eye when he was very young. Give the kid a break. And give him my number. I might make an exception to my anti-ginger policy for him. Cause only a ginger can tame a ginger. Uh…well…either that…or else it’s like fighting fire with fire. Which maybe I’d prefer…

So we learned something interesting from this whole event: the royal family still has actual power to enact laws that uphold their public status, although the Internet can certainly taint that. Secondly, Prince Harry is not embarrassed of his firecrotch (as much as I hate this word). And last, I can actually find gingers attractive sometimes, but apparently only if they’re super famous and batshit insane (which I guess they all are).

I have a prediction for the future that Prince William and Kate Middleton will have some ugly drama or divorce or trauma with future children and Harry will grow up to be the sane responsible one. Like how Britney Spears turned crazy and Christina Aguilera got clean despite everything thinking the opposite would happen … oh wait … looking how that’s turning around again …






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  • As I think Jimmy Kimmel pointed out, he had a handful of something.

    #3-Some tabloid a bit back ran a "look alike" photo comparison indicating that some palace guard was Harry's father. Fortunately for Prince William, he looks like his mother rather than father, but Harry doesn't look like either. I don't think there is much ginger in the royal German and Scottish ancestry.

    Finally, the First Amendment would prevent forcing TMZ to remove the photo (unless it violated someone's copyright), but theoretically there is a breach of privacy action here.

  • Interesting. I have royal ancestors who were excommunicated from England to Australia, and I believe there is red hair in that lineage. So I think it does exist somewhere.

    But I've never heard that before. Maybe that was cause for the divorce?

    Maybe gingers can take over the throne and rule the world, like on South Park.

  • In reply to thegingerphiles:

    Well, it depends if those royal ancestors were Windsor, I mean Battenburg, or from some earlier dynasty. Or maybe someone had sex with a Viking.

    One can believe what one wants from the checkstand tabloids. I don't read them, but need some amusement while in line. Probably, the cause of the divorce was that Diana had BPD, but there were rumors of her messing around. Also, Charles had this strange thing for his now wife, who is running in the Epsom Derby.

    I also think that Harry was heading to some other throne. If I get an intestinal cramp, I'll be heading there, too. At least he was prepared.

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