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Craigslist Creepers Part 2

Um, ew? Further proof redophiles are always creepers: via Craigslist: “sexy redhead on 294 – m4w – 41 (Ohare area) Yesterday I spotted you, the super sexy redhead with perfect ivory skin in a black car on I-294. I tried to get you to pull over with no luck. I’d love to see the eyes... Read more »

Googled Gingers

So I just googled “Ginger Philes” because I am a stupid ginger and cannot figure out how to put my blog in my bookmarks. Below my creeptastic entries, I found this: Redheaded Goddess Forums. Someone gave a shoutout to my blog! Yay, ginges are reading this! I am not really sure what this forum is,... Read more »

Seeing Red

I don’t know whether it is the temperamental redhead theory or whether I was justified but today I was seeing red. I started taking a writing class at Second City, and we did the ice breaker when you introduce another person. So the girl who introduced me had asked me if I was a natural... Read more »