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Royal Gingers

Who cares about Will and Kate? Neither are even gingers! When Prince Harry gets married, that will be where it’s at.

Ginger Games

Save the redheads from sunburn! Play Ginger Dawn…

Why do homeless men love redheads?

In the spirit of making this blog completely un-PC, here’s my rant on homeless men: Why do they love red hair so much? Is there something psychedelic about it when they’re strung out or malnourished? Is it because it’s unique and they feel they can relate? Is it because we are both considered part of... Read more »

Famous Redheads

Lately, I’ve been noticing more and more redheads in the public’s eye. From the only white Old Navy mannequin to Glee’s favorite OCD ginger (by the way, this doesn’t make any sense: redheads have been conditioned to deal with grossness [Aw, sick, gross –Cartman]). Here are my favorite redheads as of late. For some reason,... Read more »